Ross Job Application & Careers | Comprehensive Guide + Hiring Tips

The outside front of a Ross "Dress For Less" store.

Working at Ross is a big deal for anyone interested in fashion retail. The company has over 1800 off-price stores across the country. Thus, there are always openings for retail, supply, and corporate roles at each of these Ross stores. Some of these roles are part-time, while others are full-time. The former are mostly entry-level jobs with flexible schedules. On the other hand, full-time employees are more rooted in the company.

What makes working at Ross exciting is the opportunity for career progression. At Ross, you can start as a retail associate and work your way up. At every stage of your employment at Ross stores, you will enjoy benefits such as bargains on their products.

However, to get to that stage, you must earn your spot in the company. Ross is a competitive workplace, and job seekers must be at their best to join the company. If you are looking to work in any of their store locations, you should pay attention to the guide we have prepared for you.


Company Overview

Founded: August 1982

Founder: Stuart G. Moldaw

Industry: Department, Clothing & Shoe Stores


Headquarters: 5130 Hacienda Drive, Dublin, CA 94568, United States

Phone Number: 800-335-1115

Company Size: 10,000+ Employees


Ross Dress for Less is an off-price retail enterprise that provides clothes, jewelry, and household items at a low cost. The company’s operations are driven by a culture of customer satisfaction and employees’ progress. Thus, Ross provides common items at lesser prices than at traditional retail stores.

Ross buys goods wholesale from manufacturers and gets the best deals for their customers in the process. Then, they make those goods available at off-prices for their customers. Ross’s success is highly reliant on customers being loyal to the company. Therefore, they design their operations to give the most regard to these customers.

One of the ways to ensure customers get good service in a department store is by hiring skilled employees. Ross employees are trained to provide the best treatment to customers when they are in the store. In return, the company gives them opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

If you want to become an employee at Ross, you should pay attention to the remaining parts of this guide. You will learn about the company and what working there entails. You will also gain the requisite experience for a future career in retail.


Applying For A Job With Ross

To work at Ross, your journey starts with applying for a role in the company. You can launch your Ross career as an entry-level employee from a single job application. You may start by being a sales associate, stock associate, or advertiser. You may also begin from more senior roles such as area supervisor, store protection specialist, etc. To begin your journey, follow this process:


— Visit The Ross Careers Page

A screenshot from the Ross website's career page.

The first step in the application process is to visit the Ross careers page. You can access this page from the company’s website or their LinkedIn page. You can also find links to the careers page on various job applications and review platforms. You will see available positions in Ross and their locations on the career page.


— Search For Open Positions

A screenshot from the Ross website's career page.

On the careers page, you will see openings for various jobs. You may see the one you desire from the first page. If you do not, you have to search for it. Click on the search feature at the top of the page and search available jobs. You can use the filters to select the job title that best suits you. Read the job description carefully to be sure of what the role requires.


— Create Account & Complete Application Form

A screenshot from the Ross website's career page.

Once you see a job opening that suits you, you can begin the application fully. In most instances, you have to complete your application online. Therefore, you should start by creating an account. When you click on “Apply Now” on the page with the job posting, you will be directed to another page.

You will have to accept a Disclosure, Consent, Acknowledgement, and Agreement notice on that new page. Only after you click on “I Accept” can you progress to the next page. The next page will take you to the part where you create an account on Ross’s career page.

While creating an account, you will need to enter your legal name and a valid email address. Then, you can go on to the job application form and fill it out. For this task, you will need to enter certain personal information and answer some questions about your qualification for the role.

Submit your application after reviewing it carefully. Finally, you have to wait for two to three weeks for the human resources department to reach out to you regarding your application.


Ross Roles & Salaries

The inside of a Ross "Dress For Less" store.

The roles at Ross are divided into retail, supply, and corporate. You do not need much academic background or previous experience for the retail roles. High school graduates can secure employment in Ross if they are smart enough. Below is a glimpse at what the roles at Ross entail and the remuneration attached to them.


— Office Clerk

There are frequent openings for office clerks in Ross dress for less. The off-price retailer needs personnel to deal with the menial tasks in their offices. As an office clerk in Ross, you will work with the Property Management Department on general and special projects.

The skills they will look for during the hiring process include adaptability, timeliness, quality of work, attendance, and quantity of work. You will need these skills to carry out tasks such as sorting mails, preparing files, and maintaining the company’s properties.

Ross’s office clerks are paid between $12 to $18 per hour and have flexible schedules. They also enjoy some perks such as employee discounts and training.


— Store Manager

Ross has over 1,800 stores around the country. These stores need attention to operate properly. The head of every Ross store is the store manager. As a store manager in Ross, you have a tremendous task of ensuring that the store functions as it should. You are in charge of supervising the other employees and holding the team together. You will be assisted by the assistant store manager.

The qualification to become a store manager at Ross is huge. You must have previous experience in retail and must exhibit some leadership skills. Being a store manager is tasking as you also have to deal with the company’s leadership. The stress is worth it, though. Ross store managers are compensated well, financially and otherwise.

Store managers earn an average of $60,000 annually. As full-time employees, they enjoy all the company’s benefits, including paid leave, health care, life insurance, retirement plans, and career progression.


Ross Interview Process

Interviewing at Ross is not much of a big deal. The human resources department will contact you once your job application online is successful. Then, you can start preparing for your interview. When going for a job interview, some tips increase your chances of securing the job. One of them is thorough preparation with the company’s values in mind. Research what the company’s interview process involves and how you can ace it.

At Ross, the way your interview is structured depends on the role you are applying for. Entry-level employees like cashiers have a simple interview session where they answer generic questions. More senior roles attract technical questions.

Common questions at these interviews are “why do you want to work here?” “why should we hire you?” and so on. Demonstrate your preparation level in answering the interview questions clearly and honestly. You can also ask some questions to register your name in the recruiters’ minds.


Ross Work Environment & Company Culture

Many previous and current employees of Ross mostly have good reviews of the company. Ross has a healthy work environment where employees are regarded as more than ordinary workers. The offices and stores are places where employees can work hard, contribute to meaningful causes, and progress professionally.

When talking about the work environment, employees mostly applaud the friendliness of their co-workers. The positive comments do not always reach the supervisors. There have been instances of managers being accused of insensitivity and poor talent management.

Those moments challenge the company culture as Ross is known for giving much priority to their employees as they give their customers. Over its four decades in existence, the company has established a culture of promoting from within over new hires. Thus, you can plan your Ross career along the path of promotions from an entry-level cashier to a store manager.

Many Ross employees also think long-term when considering their careers with the company. The company values employees, paying competitive wages and offering great benefits. They also have equal opportunity policies that rule against discrimination on any basis.


The Bottom Line

Applying for an entry-level job at  Ross is an easy way of commencing a career in the retail industry. You can start from the bottom and work your way up over years of diligence and further skills acquisition. Over those years, you should acquire relevant training and skillsets to prepare yourself for more responsibilities.

Getting hired is not too difficult once you know the fundamentals. You start by submitting a competitive application that will entice the recruiters to invite you for an interview. Once you ace the interviews, you can start working your way towards your goal.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications for a job at Ross?

To work at Ross, you must possess the right qualifications. The first is that you must be at least 18 years old. You will be required to enter your age when creating an account with the company. They will also glean other information about you through your account and application form. Other important questions will be asked during your interview.

Apart from general qualifications such as being healthy and friendly, each role has specific requirements. To work as a cashier, you will need to be detailed.

Nevertheless, you do not need a college degree or previous work experience for this role. The requirement for those in corporate departments is much more technical.

Managers and supervisors need to have at least five years of experience in retail. They must also possess the physicality to carry out their duties.


What skills does Ross Dress For Less look for?

Ross employs people they believe will make a great addition to their company. Therefore, they have particular skills they look out for in their employees. Regular skills include the ability to stand for long hours, bend, squat, and move around often. In addition, employees must be friendly and always ready to help customers and their co-workers.

You must possess some skills before you can work at Ross. These include communication skills and others mentioned above. You can learn other skills on the job through training and mentorship organized by the company.


How much does Ross pay its employees?

Ross Dress for Less is one of the best employers in retail. The off-price retailer mostly employs part-timers, as is the norm in the industry. However, the company treats its employees to more than minimum wages and great benefits. Both hourly wage earners and annual pay employees earn above the industry average.

Hourly workers at Ross earn between $12 to $27 per hour. Meanwhile, a store manager earns between $20,000 to $213,000 per annum. In addition to their salaries, Ross employees enjoy other financial benefits such as stock options, paid leaves, and bonuses, among others.


What are the perks of working at Ross Dress For Less?

Ross Dress for Less prioritizes the affairs of its employees. Apart from saying this casually, the leadership implements policies that ensure all employees are compensated well for their jobs. Apart from their regular salaries, Ross employees enjoy financial and non-financial benefits.

Some of the perks of working at Ross Dress for Less are employee discounts, health insurance, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, training and mentorship, dental and vision coverages, and career progression opportunities.