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dd's Discount's retail storefront entrance.


dd’s Discounts is one of the leading American chain stores specializing in clothing. The company’s products cut across accessories, footwear, clothing, and household items. As a candidate interested in job roles in the clothing sector, this is one of the companies you might want to consider.

Established in 2004, the company has grown into several branches with hundreds of stores across different areas. If you’re looking to work at any of these stores, it’s crucial to understand the application process and the career opportunities at dd’s Discounts stores.

In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the application process. We will discuss the potential job roles, salaries, the structuring of your application, and the company’s work culture across its stores.


Company Overview

Founded: 2004

Founder: Subsidiary of Ross Dress for Less

Industry: Department, Clothing, and Shoe Stores

Website: jobs.rossstores.com

Headquarters: 5130 Hacienda Drive, Dublin, California 94568

Phone Number: (925) 965-4400

Company Size: 1000 – 5000 Employees


As a chain of discount stores, dd’s goal is to sell its products for as cheap as possible. The brand seeks to make shopping more convenient and profitable for its customers. It currently operates under Ross Stores Inc., which is the biggest US discount pricing corporation.

The chain has more than 200 stores across 39 states. It also often has job openings across different roles, ranging from retail associates to store managers.


Applying For A Job With dd’s Discounts

The steps involved in applying for dd’s jobs are straightforward. The website contains all you need from start to finish.


— Visit The dd’s Discounts Careers Page

dd's Discounts careers landing page.

Click here to visit the store’s website, and proceed to the job search toolbar. The careers page has a simple user interface and is well customized. You can conveniently figure out your way and go to the search icon for the next step.


— Search For Open Positions

dd's Discounts open position search page.

The search bar is designed to help you customize your search to find the available and most suitable jobs you desire.

First, you can start by searching for a specific keyword. This can be a word related to the job you’re looking to apply for. Examples include “retail,” “cashier,” and “manager.” You can also search for a city name if you’re looking to apply for a position in a store located in a particular city or state.

The search results will display the various available jobs that match your search. Take a look through these jobs thoroughly and click on each to read more about them. Clicking on each job opening will provide you with more details about the opening, requirements, and all other factors required for the job.

Once you’re done reading the job description, decide whether you want the position or not. If you still do, click on “Apply Now” to move to the next step. This will require you to consent to the disclosure agreement. Following that, you’ll receive a prompt to create an account if you don’t already have one.


— Create An Online Account & Complete The Application Form

dd's Discounts career account creation landing page.

You can create your account in under two minutes. Find the “New User” button and sign up with your email account. You only need some basic details to complete your account creation.

Once you do that, you can fill out the job application form by providing the required details. You’ll also need to upload your resume before finalizing the application process.

Note that it’s important to tailor your resume to reflect the job requirements. This is one of the essential reasons why you need to read the job requirements thoroughly. Once you understand what the role requires, you can adequately position yourself as the ideal candidate accordingly.

Review your application one more time before submitting it. Following that, click to submit your application form to Ross, dd’s Discount’s parent company.


dd’s Discounts Job Roles & Salaries

Many jobs open up for application at dd’s Discount across the year. In this section, we shall discuss some of these jobs and their salaries. The most popular job roles at the chain are retail associates, assistant managers, area supervisors, store managers, and store protection specialists, among others.


— Retail Associate

A retail associate has a deft understanding of the store’s processes as they relate to customer experience. The individual in this role will assist customers in resolving all their issues and improve their experience at the store. From merchandise to payment, the retail associate must understand the common issues customers face and how to quickly address them.

A candidate for this position must also be patient and have good people skills. Understanding how to approach customers in a polite manner will ensure the smooth performance of the role’s tasks. The expected pay is somewhere between $10 – $16 per hour.


— Assistant Manager

The assistant manager works directly with the manager. Working in this role means you have to supervise all the areas the manager assigns to you. You’ll also moderate the shifts and schedules of other employees, as might be assigned by the manager. You’re also expected to take charge of managing workers and the store generally when the manager is absent.

The role requires an individual who can learn the store’s process quickly and familiarize themselves with existing protocols. You have to ensure that the store operates with the best standards that portray the brand in line with dd’s Discount values. The average pay for this role is $16.81 per hour.


— Store Manager

The store manager oversees the entire store and ensures that operations go smoothly. The individual in this role also oversees shifts and schedules. As a store manager, you have to work with other members of the staff and ensure everyone delivers their tasks accordingly.

Often, store managers have some experience managing people. This improves your chances of securing a store manager role. You must understand how to relate to people without compromising on the need to execute tasks according to the best standards. The annual salary for this role is about $53,639.


dd’s Discounts Job Interview Process

The interview process at dd’s Discounts is much like any other typical interview. Before your interview date, ensure you read your job requirements once more and understand what you’re applying for. You should also study your resume and be ready to defend anything you might have mentioned.

The hiring managers want to ensure you’re a good fit for the role. Therefore, there’s an emphasis on how much you know about the store and its culture. It’s also essential to understand the nature of the role you’re applying for. For instance, as a retail associate, you should show your recruiters that you understand customer relations.

For a manager role, you should demonstrate your experience in managing people and creating structures that ensure people execute their tasks.

Essentially, the goal is to position yourself as the right candidate for the job opening. Furthermore, you should also prepare questions to ask the interviewers. Recruiters love inquisitive job seekers who prepare questions about the company before their interviews. Such questions must be thoughtful questions that cannot be answered by simply searching for them on Google.

The tips are similar for a phone interview as well. Prepare for the possible questions and be yourself.

You might also be curious about what to wear for your physical interview. The straightforward answer to this is to dress the part. If you’re going for a job interview at dd’s Discounts, dress business casual. You can also dress casually in your t-shirt and jeans. After all, it’s a store and not a corporate business place.

Once you complete your interview, you’ll have some insight into how well you performed. Nonetheless, you can start learning how to accept a job offer should the human resources (HR) department send you one.


dd’s Discounts Work Environment & Company Culture

The chain mentions that it’s a happy place to work on its website. The company states that it operates with flexible scheduling and offers generous discounts. If you’re looking to “work where you love to shop,” dd’s is a place you want to consider.

The company also operates with a notable level of commitment to social responsibility. The chain also has corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs through which it improves the community and environment. The Ross Stores Foundation partners with different organizations to provide academic assistance and skills training to young people.

Employees also note that the work environment is encouraging. The available employee benefits include employee discounts, bereavement leave, family medical leave, and health insurance. Top employees might also enjoy paid holidays.

Additionally, the chain offers professional support and job training. It doesn’t appear the store offers paid-time-off (PTO).


The Bottom Line

dd’s Discounts remains one of the chains of stores to work for job candidates interested in retail, whether part-time or full-time. The chain allows its customers to buy more for less. With employment opportunities across various job roles, you can create an account on the website and set up job alerts. This will notify you about all new job postings, making it easier for you to apply.

This guide has covered all you need to know to complete your application to this store. Search for the available job titles, read the requirements, and submit an application. Remember to prepare for your interview in line with the role you’re applying for.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements for a job at dd’s Discounts?

There is no special requirement to secure most of the jobs at dd’s Discount. The jobs don’t require technical skills. However, having some experience might improve your chances of getting the job. For instance, if you’re applying for a manager role, it would be helpful if you’ve worked in a similar role where you had to manage people.

Therefore, when preparing your resume for a job here, you should ensure to mention the relevant experience you possess. It’s also crucial to read the job requirements in detail. This will help you structure your application in a way that makes you a suitable candidate for the role.


How long is a job interview with dd’s Discounts?

The job interview doesn’t take long. The hiring managers want to know if you’re the right candidate for the job. Therefore, they already have a list of questions for their interview sessions. You will answer questions regarding why you’re applying to the store, your experience, if any, how you relate to people, and some practical questions to test your people skills.

As a store serving many customers, the chain desires employees with great people skills. Most job roles at dd’s require this. Therefore, you must be prepared to demonstrate that you possess these relevant skills. You should also be prepared to ask your interviewer some thoughtful questions. This is an effective way to improve your chances of securing the job.


What is the minimum age requirement to apply for a job at dd’s Discounts?

The minimum age requirement to work at dd’s Discounts is 18. Therefore, before you click on that application form, be sure you meet this eligibility requirement. If you meet that requirement, then you can proceed with the application.

You’ll have to fill in some personal details. Then you’ll attach your resume. Ensure your resume shows your skills and communicates your values. You should read up on the company’s brand values and try to align with them.


What should I wear during my job interview?

You’re applying to a chain in the retail sector. You’d want to dress the part when going for the interview. The best approach is to dress business casual. This presents you as a serious candidate who has also done their research about the company they are applying to.

Furthermore, be yourself at the interview. The recruiters will ask typical interview questions to test your knowledge of the role you’re applying for and how prepared you are. They would also want to understand the skills you possess and how willing you are to learn.

Nevertheless, don’t do too much. The store offers professional support and training for its workers. So, even if you don’t have all it takes, you’ll receive some training to assist you further if you’re selected for the job. Therefore, dress well, prepare well, and you should be able to compete well for the position.