Nestlé Job Application & Careers | 2022 Hiring Guide Inside

Nestle headquarters building sign.

Nestle is a company that works to offer its customers various edible products, ranging from food to coffee and ice cream. The company has a diverse team, comprising individuals from different places. If you’re passionate about the food industry and you’re looking to join the team of a food company with a notable regard for local communities and environmental sustainability, this might be a place to consider.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to prepare a great application to Nestle. You’ll learn about the application process, the company’s work culture, how to ace your interview, and the salary scale for different positions. When you’re done reading this guide, you should have all it takes to kickstart your application and structure your resume to position you as an ideal candidate.


Company Overview

Founded: 1866

Founder: Henri Nestlé

Industry: Food & Beverage Manufacturing


Headquarters: Nestlé S.A., avenue Nestlé 55, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland

Phone Number: +41 21 924 1111

Company Size: 10,000+ Employees


Nestle is one of the leading food and beverage companies globally, providing services to its customer base of over 60 million people annually. The company has a large team of employees, numbering in the thousands across its various branches.

The company has a presence in nearly 200 countries and is generally a household name in its space. It’s also the world’s largest publicly held food company.

Job openings at Nestle are regularly in the thousands. This is one place with booming employment opportunities for the right set of candidates. If you’re looking to work with this established food and beverage company, then it’s crucial to understand the steps involved in preparing a great application.


How To Apply For A Job With Nestle Global

Once you’re ready to apply for a job opening at Nestle, here are the steps you should take.


— Visit The Nestle Global Careers Page

Nestle USA careers landing page.

The first step is to visit Nestle’s careers page. The page is easy to navigate, and all the tabs are easily understandable. Once you’re on the page, find the job search icon.


— Search For Available Career Opportunities

Nestle USA available career opportunities page.

You can search for jobs by entering the job title you’re looking for. This can be “sr manager,” “sales associate,” ”supply chain,” or any other job you’re looking for. You can also streamline your search by entering the name of the city or state where you’re looking to get a job.

Searching for your preferred job titles will display the available openings that match your search. This allows you to carefully scroll through and read each job in detail. Before proceeding with any job, ensure you read the job description and understand the requirements. This provides you with great insights into how to structure your application and resume.

Understand that Nestle wants candidates who have studied the company and possess the values the company desires. The company generally wants individuals with great communication skills, flexible schedules, and candidates with some creativity.


— Create An Online Account & Complete The Application Form

Nestle USA employment account creation page.

Once you click on the job you desire, you’ll be prompted to create an account. This takes under two minutes. You only need some personal details, then choose a password. Once you complete this account, you can proceed to apply for your chosen job.

You might also want to turn on job alerts for your account. This notifies you when Nestle posts new jobs, and you can be one of the first set of candidates to apply.

When submitting your application, remember to indicate the skills and qualities the company desires. It would also be helpful if you possessed some relevant prior experience. If you do, you should include this in your resume and indicate how it would be helpful to your new role if selected.

Once you submit your application, expect to hear from the hiring managers within two to four weeks. However, if you don’t get a response concerning your application, you can send a follow-up email to that effect. Ensure you conduct yourself in a decent manner while sending the email. Doing this might impact the quality of response you receive from the recruiter.

If your application is successful, you will receive a notification for your interview. This can either be a phone interview or a physical one. If it’s the former, you should learn about the right way to dress to make a good impression.

If your interview is successful, the company will reach out to you in no time, and you should prepare to accept the job offer.


Nestle Global Careers & Salaries

You can choose to work at Nestle as a part-time worker or a full-time employee. If you fall into the latter category, there are chances you’re looking to build a career in the food and beverage industry. Nestle is a notable place to start on this career path.

Here are some of the job roles in the company and their pay scale.

The career structure at Nestle cafes can be categorized into two generally. These are the team member roles and managerial roles. For both role categorizations, you must be at least 18 years of age to apply.


— Team Member

These are generally entry-level roles and do not require any or much experience. Common roles here include cashier, food preparation assistant, and sales associate positions.

  • Candidates applying for this role must have a positive attitude towards work. You must also be a team player and have great people skills.
  • Duties generally cut across arranging items, processing payments, bookkeeping, and assisting customers with their orders.

The pay scale is generally consistent with the minimum wage. The expected pay for a cashier is about $10.86 per hour. A retail sales associate at Nestlé USA can earn about $52,932 annually.


— Management

Management positions include senior managers, store managers, and assistants. These roles require candidates to have some experience in managerial positions.

  • As a candidate applying for these roles, you should expect to draw up schedules and moderate tasks. You’ll also assign responsibilities and ensure that all tasks are executed accordingly.
  • The manager also ensures regulatory compliance among team members.
  • To apply for these roles, you must possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

As a Nestle USA manager, you can expect to earn about $120,000 annually, including bonuses.


Nestle Global Job Interview Process

The Nestle interview process is typically like that of any similar company in the food service space. Your interview questions will depend on the role you’re applying for. If you’re interviewing for technical roles such as food and beverage preparation-related roles, you should expect questions concerning your skills and experience.

However, other roles such as cashier and sales associate will involve more standard interview questions. During the recruitment process, the hiring managers want to understand your attitude to work, your schedule, your transportation, and how well you can assist customers. Recruiters also want to see how much you know about the company to be sure of your interest.

Managerial roles will attract questions about your experience and ability to supervise people. These roles come with more responsibility, so it’s understandable that recruiters want candidates with proven experience in creating inventories, supervising shifts, and achieving key performance metrics.

Before your interview, ensure you understand how to dress appropriately. You should also prepare questions to ask your interviewers. This improves your quality as an ideal candidate and also helps you stand out.


Nestle Global Work Environment & Company Culture

Nestle has some benefits for its full-time employees to live healthier lives and improve their wellness. These are stated in the company’s “our benefits“ section, dedicated to “our people.“

The company also has different community projects alongside programs designed to benefit the environment while empowering people.

The chain appears to qualify as one of the places with standard benefits packages for its employees. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a full-time worker:

  • Health insurance coverage
  • Coverage includes dental and medical care
  • 401 (k) retirement plans
  • The company also offers pension plans
  • Employees may also enjoy vacations and sick days

Nestle also offers training to its employees as part of its onboarding process. As an employee, you can also enjoy some discounts on certain purchases.

The company also states on its website that the workplace incorporates diversity and inclusion policies. This indicates that Nestle provides an equal opportunity to everyone, irrespective of their background. Employees also state that the work culture is family-like, and there’s a warm reception across the board. It appears to be an inclusive workplace.

When assessing Nestle’s work culture, it would be helpful to compare it against the culture of other similar companies in the same industry, such as Nabisco.


Additional Tips To Ace Your Interview

Interviews can make or mar your application. The interview stage is where the recruiters learn about you and determine whether you’re truly a suitable candidate for the role. So, how can you improve your chances of acing an interview?

One of the crucial things you must do before your interview is to read about the role thoroughly. The interview stage involves a lot of discussions through which the hiring managers gain insights into your mind. When you’ve read about a job role adequately, you can speak about the requirements and show how you fit the bill.

Furthermore, discuss the possibility of a career. Employers want candidates who are looking to work with their companies for some time. Therefore, you need to study how career growth works in the company. You can do this by checking for the company’s employees on LinkedIn.

So, at your interview, you should discuss your plans and how you hope to advance your career with the help of the company.

If you’re applying for positions that require experience, you need to emphatically establish how your experience will be useful in executing your tasks in the potential role. Connecting your skills and experience to the new role will practically help your recruiters to see that you understand the requirements.

Finally, be yourself. As anxious as you might be about your interview, it’s important to be yourself and stay honest.


The Bottom Line

The Nestle brand is one of the biggest in the food service sector. Job candidates looking to build a career in this industry should prepare quality applications that meet the needs of the job they are applying for.

This guide provides you with all the steps you need to take to prepare a stellar application. Ensure you understand the job requirements. This will impact the quality of your resume and also provide you with useful insights into answering your interview questions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does Nestle offer remote work positions?

The straightforward answer to this is yes. There have been instances where Nestle posted remote US job openings. However, this doesn’t make it the standard. Often, the company’s advertised job positions require the physical presence of the candidates. Therefore, if you’re interested in remote work, ensure you read the job description to be sure it provides for such.

Furthermore, you should understand certain jobs simply cannot be remote. For instance, you cannot be a cashier, manager, or retail sales supervisor from home. You need to be present at work to execute the tasks in these roles.


Do Nestle employees get discounts?

Yes. Nestle employees get discounts on certain food items produced by the company. The chain offers these discounts as part of its work culture to incentivize its employees to have a fulfilling time at work. It’s also standard practice among companies in the food sector.

However, you should understand the discount has its own policy. There’s a way it works, and there are items it covers. Do not assume it’s a blanket discount.


What should I wear to my job interview?

The simple answer is to dress the part. To ensure you don’t cross the line, put on some business casual wear such as a shirt and plain trousers or skirt. You can also look at how employees dress for the department you’re applying for. Then dress in a similar manner to your interview. The most important thing is to dress appropriately and ensure your dressing causes no issue. That way, you can direct the focus of your interviewers to what you have to say.


Does Nestle offer incentives/bonuses?

Yes, Nestle offers incentives and bonuses. Bonuses are often for managerial positions. Entry-level full-time employees, nonetheless, enjoy incentives that make their work-life better. Such incentives include vacations and sick leave.