30 Best Jobs For Introverts | (Quiet & Peaceful Jobs Inside)

A serious intoverted man pressing keys of a piano keyboard while working on a musical project.

Everyone needs a good and well-paying job to survive in the twenty-first century. However, introverts often need more than this. Many people with introverted personalities need to feel some sense of purpose to feel content with their jobs, making it more difficult for an introvert to find a job than the average person.

Introverts perform better in certain roles because of their peculiarities. In addition, introverts may struggle with positions that demand social energy and don’t give space for recharging. This is not to say an introverted person cannot achieve excellent results in such positions. Still, a job that would bring true fulfillment to an introvert must make them feel a sense of purpose and harness their extraordinary talents while giving them the space to recharge their social batteries.

This is why we will highlight the 30 best jobs for introverts in the twenty-first century; we will pay special attention to quiet and peaceful jobs. Some of these jobs also have opportunities for remote work.


What Is An Introvert?

An introverted young woman standing in a doorway looking outside at trees and nature.

First, we have to discuss what an introvert is, so you understand if you fall within this category.

An introvert is a person who tends to focus more on their internal thoughts and processes than on external stimuli. An introverted person turns inwards to their thoughts, feelings, and emotions and may feel more strain when interacting with external stimuli such as the environment and other people. The opposite of an introvert is an extrovert, as they tend to thrive on social interactions.

Introversion and extroversion are categories in the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) that can help many people figure out their personalities and appropriate career paths. Most introverts are shy, quiet, and introspective and may act awkwardly in social situations. However, others tend to be bold and outspoken and interact well, but all introverts need time to recharge their social batteries and do well on their own.

Some key traits of introverts are:

  • Preference for smaller and quieter groups
  • Enjoy solitude and work independently
  • Self-aware
  • Learn fast by watching

The traits of introspection and self-knowledge often make introverts seek fulfillment in their careers, as the main incentive for many of them is not work-organized social events but the job itself.


Best Jobs For Introverts In 2022

Since introverts are often analytical, empathetic, adaptable, independent, and great at listening, here are thirty good careers that an introvert will enjoy and excel at.


#1. Accounting Manager

An accounting manager oversees and manages the day-to-day activities of the accounting department. For an accountant or an accounting manager, this may include tasks like keeping financial records, creating financial reports, creating organizational accounting policies, and analyzing financial data for tax and other purposes.


#2. Airline Pilot

Another often forgotten job that suits introverts well is flying. A pilot is trained to fly and communicate with other team members.

This job affords you plenty of alone time, or at most, the company of two copilots. The median salary is $130,500.


#3. Astronomer

Many introverts ponder much about nature and space, and astronomy is a great way to explore your interest and get paid for it. Astronomers study and observe planetary and solar systems and the cosmos to better understand the universe. The average annual salary is $117,055.


#4. Artist

Many introverts love art because it allows them to use their reflective and analytical skills. So, as an introvert, you can become an artist and explore several kinds of art, such as painting, knitting, sculpting, or textile art. Also, it is mostly a remote job. The average income per annum is $32,000.


#5. Content Manager

A content manager is in charge of organizing a company’s content creation and developing strategies for consumer interaction. They build editorial calendars, publish content, and manage content writers to achieve the brand’s business goal. The average salary is $58,000 per year.


#6. Chef

A chef manages a kitchen restaurant, supervises food preparation, and oversees kitchen personnel. They also plan menus, create budgets, etc.

Some introverts may find this exhausting as it involves chaos, but you may still enjoy being a private or exclusive chef.

The average pay is $62,000 per annum.


#7. Data Scientist/ Data Analyst

Data scientists observe data and identify trends and patterns to create insights, algorithms, and models for forecasting the future. This is a great career for introverts who enjoy statistics and tangible data. This is a fast-growing career where you can analyze data to help companies and organizations make new discoveries, inventions, and breakthroughs.


#8. Digital Marketer

This is a great work-from-home job, and it involves promoting products and services using digital tools and devices to promote content and increase brand awareness.

This job will be a great fit if you enjoy using and discovering the depth of technology and have problem-solving skills.


#9. Editor

Editing is a great job that complements writing, and many introverts find this a great fit. You can specialize in editing copies, proofreading, line editing, or content editing. This job requires a high level of English and keen attention to detail.


#10. Engineer

This is a highly analytical job involving science and technology. An engineer designs, tests, modifies, and inspects products and systems. They use mathematics and science to solve societal problems. You can work as an industrial, petroleum, or civil engineer, and the average pay is $90,160.


#11. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is an exciting job that allows you to create interesting images that communicate concepts and ideas about a product or service to consumers. This role is in marketing and communication, and you can either work as a freelancer or for a company. More importantly, this is usually a remote role.


#12. Help Desk Technician

Some introverts feel more comfortable dealing with people over the phone or on the internet. Working as a help desk technician allows you to help people resolve technical difficulties they may be facing while using a service or product.

You have to respond quickly and effectively to conflicts and confusion about computer-related issues.


#13. IT Manager

An information technology manager fixes software and hardware issues, protects software programs, provides system upgrades, and strengthens the security of a company’s information systems. This job has an average salary of about $85,000.


#14. Landscape Designer

This is a great creative outdoor job where you design landscaping plans for outdoor spaces such as parks, resorts, zoos, etc. It requires you to be creative in incorporating special features like water, mountains, fountains, gardens, and ponds into the master plan.


#15. Librarian

Libraries are quiet by default, so this is a great job for introverts who have anxiety when confronted with too many people or social noise. Besides, libraries are also filled with books, which many introverts find calming and interesting.


#16. Marine Engineer

A marine engineer designs, builds, and repairs marine transport systems like boats, ships, and other underwater crafts. People who work in this field rarely get social interruptions. The average pay per year is $92,405.


#17. Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst forecasts or predicts potential sales of a product or service by analyzing market conditions and patterns. This job requires analytical and mathematical skills, attention to detail, and an enthusiasm for economics.


#18. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists record patients’ medical histories. Then, they work with health care providers to accurately transcribe dictated notes according to practice templates. The annual pay is $57,786.


#19. Paralegal

A paralegal is in charge of helping a lawyer stay organized and on top of his case files. They perform research, prepare legal briefs, and assist with trials. It’s often a quieter option if you like the legal world but feel anxious about standing before a court. The median annual salary is $53,000.


#20. Park Ranger

Being a park ranger may well be  your dream job if you love exploring nature. Park rangers work in state and national parks to guide visitors, give tours, patrol the park grounds, and participate in search and rescue operations.

While you constantly deal with park visitors, sometimes in surprisingly large groups, such as school kids on excursions, there is plenty of time to be alone with nature on a daily basis.


#21. Photographer

A photographer captures images with a camera in a way that’s creative and communicates to people. This is generally a freelance job; photographers get to work with people, organize creative shoots, and hold exhibitions.

This is also an adventurous job as many photographers travel across different countries to get the perfect shots. You can also carve a niche as a portrait, commercial, sports, aerial, fine art, or events photographer.


#22. Physician Assistant

Physician assistants help doctors and surgeons diagnose, examine, and treat patients. They also research available treatments. The average salary is $115,370.


#23. Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist helps injured, or disabled people work through pain by providing them with exercises, manual therapy, advice, and care. This empathetic job comes with an average annual pay of $80,000.


#24. Researcher/ Research Scientist

One quiet job that many introverts do not consider at all is researching. However, if science fascinates you and you often find yourself experimenting and analyzing outcomes, you should consider becoming a scientist.

You will have to work in laboratories for educational institutions, governmental organizations, private companies, or environmental organizations, and you can choose any field that suits you.


#25. Sailor

Sailing is another fascinating job, but it may not fascinate many introverts if it needs to be done with a large crew. However, you can become a single or double-handed sailor and explore the world away from humans for days. The average salary for a sailor is $46,720 per year.


#26. Social Media Manager

A social media manager interacts with people and consumers online on behalf of a company. In this job, you can gain more insight into people and trends and use them to drive traction, understand your company’s target market better and drive sales. More importantly, it’s a job that allows you to experiment behind the scenes. You can find a job in any sector such as tech, education, finance, agriculture, etc.


#27. Social Worker

Introverts may find this job very rewarding because it requires a high level of empathy. A social worker works with appropriate agencies to promote the well-being of children, families, and the community. You can work in schools, hospitals, prisons, substance abuse centers, shelters, etc. The average salary is $51,760 per annum.


#28. Therapist

A therapist interacts with clients to treat mental and behavioral health conditions. Despite this constant interaction, it is a great fit for introverts because it allows them to use their empathy and listening skills to help others solve or confront an issue. Other closely related fields are psychiatry and psychology.


#29. Translator

This is a great job if you are fluent in more than one language. You can become a translator and translate documents or conversations from one language to another. This expertise is often required by multinational companies, newsrooms, and top governmental agencies, but you will find opportunities more easily by signing up with freelance sites.


#30. Writer

As we already mentioned, introverts are good observers and deep thinkers, so they are often great with words too. Many introverts consider a career in writing the perfect job because it is independent.

You can be a content writer, a copywriter, a poet, or a fictional writer. You can also be a technical writer. In addition, there are several opportunities for freelancing or working for a company.


What Else To Look For In A Job As An Introvert 

Introverts can succeed in almost any job, just like extroverts. However, if you want to excel in your career and feel satisfied, there are some things you should look out for when applying.

Laurie Helgoe, the author of Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength, stated that when an introvert is in an environment that leaves them questioning their identity and personality, the environment is toxic, and they will experience burnout sooner. In essence, a company with a culture that makes you constantly apologize for or change your personality to fit in is not the right place for you. So, when seeking a job, here are some things you should look out for:

  • Find jobs that require more one-on-one interaction than group or public speaking.
  • Prioritize positions requiring active listening and body cues over those where you must speak constantly.
  • Choose a position where you can focus on one task or project at a time.
  • Select companies with personal or team office plans instead of grand open floors. If you choose a company with the latter, check if recharge spaces are available.
  • Go for jobs that allow you to mostly work independently instead of ones that require large group collaborations.
  • Find job opportunities that include phrases like “detail-oriented,” “highly creative,” etc.

More importantly, you should know your strengths and limits. Introverts are not one size fits all; many introverts are direct and bold, and others are anxious and shy. When you understand who you are, it’s easier to experience job satisfaction in your full-time job.

Tips For Saving Your Earnings


A woman putting a coin in a piggy bank

According to the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS), more than 75% of Americans won’t meet their target retirement savings, and 10% aren’t saving at all. To beat the odds, one must start to invest and save early. Introverts are usually conscientious, and conscientious people have higher chances of saving successfully.

Besides, having enough saved up from your current job means you can take more time choosing and navigating the workforce the next time you are in the job market. This will guarantee you better career success and work-life balance.

So here are a few tips to help you save and invest as an introvert.


— Take Investment Risks

Introverts tend to be less impulsive and more concerned with consequences than rewards. This means introverts may look at the effect of a wrong investment rather than consider the possibility of high rewards. At the same time, introverts are more adept at “delaying rewards” and compounding gratification, a trait that would be very helpful when they invest.

Since you don’t need to spend a lot on socializing, one trick is to write a budget for outings every month. When each month ends, and you haven’t exhausted the budget, you can let that money go towards investment. You can check out some investment apps to make this easier for you.


— Use Online Estimates 

Online estimates can be very useful when you need to fix a plumbing issue in your home or fix your car. Rather than going with the first estimate you get or going through the hassle of calling multiple people to compare prices, you can knock off a few extra dollars by getting online estimates by searching for plumbers based on your location or using AutoMD.


— Get Paid For Surveys 

Surveys are a great way to contribute to societal development from the comfort of your home. You can sign up for sites like Swagbucks or LifePoints to participate in online surveys. These sites usually give people Amazon cards or allow them to cash in on things. This can save you a couple of dollars now and then.


— Get an Online Financial Consultant 

Rather than having to deal with your finances by yourself or speaking to multiple financial experts across all the financial services you use, you can get one financial consultant physically or, better yet, online.


The Bottom Line 

You can succeed in any career as an introvert, but certain jobs allow you to better harness your talents and traits.

So when you are on a job search, make sure you look for a connection between yourself and your job to preserve your social battery and avoid excessive social interactions. In addition, a befitting career path preserves your mental health and respects your personality type.

You should also save and invest your money wisely to reap long-term benefits and afford retirement.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good job for someone who is shy? 

Shy people can explore any career that doesn’t require regular human interaction. Even if your shyness comes with anxiety, these jobs below still work fine.

Technical writing: Technical writing is a highly independent and well-paying job. It is often remote, and you can find jobs through freelance sites.

Forestry technician: This job allows you to spend a lot of time protecting forests and areas around the country that are often isolated and away from people.

Researcher: Picture yourself in a laboratory away from others, experimenting on projects for months or years. If that appeals to you, you can become a scientist or researcher.

Computer programming: Computer programmers require computer science knowledge and expertise in programming languages, and you get to work away from others.

Librarian: A library is a perfect place to hide out, and while you will have to speak to people who walk in from time to time, most of those who walk in are introverts, so chances are you won’t be interrupted.


What are some advantages of being an introvert? 

Introverts are often low-maintenance colleagues and friends. They are rarely needy and usually do not interject in conversations. You can trust them to be independent, make intelligent decisions in emergencies, and speak with consideration. Introverts are not likely to sabotage your interests; they need less supervision, focus deeply, and are not easily distracted.

In addition, introverts are both analytical and creative. While extroverts may adopt whatever career choice is trendy, you can trust an introvert to analyze a situation and share thoughts and opinions that are unusual, untried, and interesting. These exciting ideas often lead to breakthroughs.

Also, introverts are good with words and social cues and can process or even internalize other people’s feelings. This makes it easier for them to understand the needs of potential clients and customers and solve problems. They also tend to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with others.


What is the best job for someone who hates noise? 

You may struggle with the typical twenty-first-century work environment if you crave quiet time to function. But here are a few career options that will keep you very satisfied.

  • Actuary
  • Archivist
  • Auditor
  • Drafter
  • Forestry Technician
  • Funeral Director
  • Jeweler
  • Scientist
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer

You can also check out other less stressful jobs that pay well.


What are the 4 types of introverts? 

The four types of introverts are;

— Social Introverts

Social introverts are comfortable being alone and value their privacy. However, they are also comfortable spending time at small group get-togethers and family events.

They avoid large crowds as a matter of preference rather than necessity, but when they are in their preferred or chosen circles, they can even be the life of the party.

— Thinking Introverts

Thinking Introverts love to be alone and often spend their time introspecting and doing solo tasks. They love to read, research, study, investigate, or watch movies in quiet spaces.

These are the introverts that often get lost in their thoughts, daydream, and may even speak philosophically. They are also usually the best listeners.

— Anxious Introverts 

This kind of introvert is what many people picture when they imagine introversion. Anxious introverts appear shy and on edge, and it’s often obvious to others that they are not comfortable in social settings.

They are usually at home and go to great lengths to avoid most forms of social interaction.

— Restrained/Inhibited Introverts 

Restrained introverts usually have their guards up when meeting new people and are often mistaken for coming across as cold. This is because they don’t appear shy but rather grounded and impenetrable, which can intimidate or upset others.

These introverts are usually steadfast, methodical, analytical, and not easily swayed by emotions.


How do introverts do well during a job interview? 

Interviews are nerve-wracking – even for extroverts, but you need to go through them to secure your dream job, so here are a few tips to help you breeze through them.

  • Start by mapping out your day, sorting through your clothes, the time of the interview, mode of transportation, or virtual meeting, and the questions you will be asked.
  • Do your research on the career field and company to reduce your anxiety.
  • Don’t sound too stifled when responding to small talk.
  • Remind yourself of the ultimate purpose of the conversation so that you can warm up to small talk.
  • Mention that you are an introvert. You can drop it in when narrating experiences in the middle and end of your interview.
  • Use your listening skills to read and match the interviewer’s tone and body language.
  • Sell your introverted qualities. Introverts have many skills that recruiters will find useful for certain roles.