33 Easy Jobs That Pay Well In 2022 | Full Guide Inside

You don’t need to sacrifice your happiness/mental health at a job that doesn’t make you happy. Here are our top 33 easy jobs that will pay well in 2022!

All we want in life is an easy job that pays well and gives us enough time to have fun and pursue other activities. 

That seems almost impossible, considering that most high-paying jobs come with lots of stress. They require you to spend years getting a degree and then working full-time and putting in extra time.

But there are easy jobs that pay well without requiring any special skills/requirements. That’s right! With only a few hours a week, you can make enough money to enjoy life and still have time to pursue other activities.

That is why we have researched and compiled a list of the 32 highest-paying easy jobs in 2022. They presented in this guide with their average salary/hourly wages.

What Is Considered an Easy Job That Pays Well?

Before we begin our list of the easy jobs you can do in 2022, let’s talk about what makes a job easy.

Here are the top three criteria that make a job easy:

  • Low-Stress: Easy jobs come with little or no stress/pressure. However, what qualifies as low pressure differs from person to person. Being a personal trainer will qualify as a low-stress job if you already enjoy working out. But if you hate physical activity, it becomes a high-stress job.
  • Enjoyable: An enjoyable job must be something you enjoy doing. It’s hard to feel stressed when you enjoy the work. 
  • No Skillset Requirements: An easy job won’t require a lot of specialized training before you can start the job. We understand that people have different skills and interests. That is why we made sure we covered a wide range of interests in our list.

Top 33 Easy Jobs That Pay Well

The jobs in this guide cuts across various fields and industries like modeling, health, technology, aviation, security, and business. The best part is that they are designed to allow you to achieve an optimum work-life balance. 

The top 32 easy jobs that pay well are:

  1. Professional Video Gamer
  2. Foodie Influencer
  3. House Sitter
  4. Dog Walker
  5. Chocolatier
  6. Optometrist
  7. Flight Attendant
  8. Personal Shopper
  9. Mystery Shopper
  10. Brewmaster
  11. Food Stylist
  12. Voice Actor
  13. Magician
  14. Bartender
  15. Pharmacy Technician
  16. Claims Adjuster
  17. Personal Trainer
  18. Massage Therapist
  19. Librarian
  20. Florist
  21. Park Ranger
  22. Tour Guide
  23. Dental Hygienist
  24. Private Tutor
  25. House Painter
  26. Ridesharing Driver
  27. Administrative Assistant
  28. Sales Representative
  29. Elevator Inspector
  30. Food Delivery
  31. Medical Records Technician
  32. Truck Driver
  33. Flooring Installer

We will discuss each one in the next section and include the median earnings based on the Bureau of Labor statistics. You’ll also get the skills and qualifications required (if any) and other career paths you can transition into.

#1. Professional Video Gamer

If you love playing games, a video gaming career is perfect for you. Professional video gamers earn an average of $100,000 a year. Here are the three main ways you can earn as a professional video gamer. 

  • Stream your games via video-sharing platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. 
  • Participate in eSport competitions and win prize money. 
  • Test run new games from game design companies like Valve Corporation or Ubisoft.

The best part is you can make money from playing virtually all kinds of games, even chess. You can also transition into designing video games. Video game designers can make up to $68,000/ year.

#2. Foodie Influencer

If you love to eat and share your options on what you eat, consider being a foodie influencer. The annual pay for a foodie influencer is $76,612/year. 

To do well, you need clear communicative skills and an eye for appealing foods, menus, and restaurants.

#3. House Sitter

If you are studying for school/exams or work remotely, becoming a house sitter is the way to go. In most cases, you simply show up at the house and stay for an agreed period. 

For an extra fee, you can perform simple tasks such as checking the mail, watering the plants, and some light cleaning if you are up to it. The typical house sitter earns $25,944 a year. That’s a lot considering you can also have a full-time job or carry out other activities.

#4. Dog Walker

Consider becoming a dog walker if you have no dogs’ allergies and don’t mind scooping poop. The best part? 

You get to control your hours and the kind of dogs you walk. You can also walk different dogs simultaneously; many owners don’t mind. 

That way, you can make more within the same hour. Dog walkers get paid by the hour and earn between $12.02 to $18.57 per hour.

#5. Chocolatier

A chocolatier makes treats using chocolates. So, if you are a chef with a specialty in making fantastic chocolate treats, this is perfect for you. A chocolatier can earn up to $100,000 a year.

#6. Optometrist

To become an optometrist, you need a college degree and a professional license. Once you have the requirements, you can make $115,520 a year. 

Your job description will include providing a prescription for your patient’s vision and treating eye injuries and diseases.

#7. Flight Attendant

Want to travel around and meet people? Consider a flight attendant job. 

You will need a high school diploma or an equivalent with special training to get started. 

After your training, you’ll get an FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency, to be renewed annually. The median salary for a flight attendant is $59,050; but those in the 10th percentile earn up to $84,790 a year.

#8. Personal Shopper

Do you love shopping? It’s time to get paid for it by helping busy people shop. 

As a personal shopper, you can earn up to $100,000/ year. The average salary is between $30,000 and $60,000 a year.

#9. Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shoppers are like personal shoppers, except, this time, their goal is to evaluate the store’s cleanliness and customer service.

Although it is primarily a part-time gig, you can expect to get between $40,000 to $70,000 per year.

#10. Brewmaster

Brewmasters ensure newly brewed beer measures up to the expected quality and try new beer recipes. They also clean brewing equipment and travel to beer serving events on weekends. 

For this fun job, you can expect to earn anything from $40,000 to $50,000.

#11. Food Stylist

Food stylists are responsible for making food look good for commercials, films, and photoshoots. If that sounds like what you can do, then go for it. 

The salary for a food stylist starts low at $24,000, but it can quickly climb to $91,000.


#12. Voice Actor

Has anyone told you they love your voice? If yes, you might do well as a voice actor. It mainly entails reading scripts for video games, commercials, and voice-overs in film or television.

You don’t need much formal training for this. However, you can get some voice training to improve your delivery. Voice actors make around $20.43 to $60.41+ per hour. The top earners report almost $500 per hour!

#13. Magician

Have some magic tricks up your sleeves? Then it’s time to use it to make money. As a magician, you can earn up to $350 an hour from performing street magic and entertaining guests at events, private parties, and private shows.

#14. Bartender

Bartenders working full-time can make up to $60,000 or more per year. The median salary is $24,960, but that changes as you switch to fancier establishments.

Although some states might require “responsible serving” courses, that is not a big deal. These courses are simple enough to pass them easily.

 #15. Pharmacy Technician

Want a healthcare job that doesn’t require 14 years of school? Become a pharmacy technician. All you need is some on-the-job training, and you are good to go. However, getting an associate degree in a related field will give you an edge. 

Your job description includes speaking with customers, receiving payments, dispensing medication, and working with other professionals in the medical field. 

As a pharmacy technician, you can earn more than $33,950 a year. If you like, you can transition to a full-fledged pharmacist with an average annual salary of $123,670 per year.

#16. Claims Adjuster

Being a claims adjuster allows you to work in the insurance industry without a bachelor’s degree. A claim adjuster’s job is to assess damages and provide estimates to insurance companies.

In most cases, a high school diploma or equivalent will do; in some cases, you might need some post-high-school coursework. However, the most important training is the on-the-job training carried out by employers. 

You can earn anywhere between $41,950 to $103,610 a year as a claims adjuster.

#17. Personal Trainer

If you have any solid experience and deep knowledge in yoga, weightlifting, sprinting, or any form of physical exercise, consider being a personal trainer. 

While having a fitness certificate can be helpful, in most cases, it is your skill and experience that matter the most. The average personal trainer makes $40,390 a year, and top trainers earn more than $75,400.

#18. Massage Therapist

Working as a massage therapist requires getting some formal training and a license. Once you have those requirements, the rest is based on your own terms. 

You can choose to work part-time, full-time, or have your spa. Massage therapists earn around $42,820, while the top 10 percent make over $80.630 a year.

#19. Librarian

As a librarian, your job involves organizing materials and making proper records. The required qualification varies from state to state. 

Some states only require a high school diploma and 2,000 unpaid hours of volunteer library work. In contrast, some states require a master’s degree in library science. 

For starters, you can expect to earn up to $59,050 annually and $93,050+ as your experience increases.

#20. Florist

As a florist, you are responsible for caring for flowers and arranging them into beautiful displays and decorations. Generally, you don’t need formal training to be a florist, only to work well with flowers. 

You can choose to work with supermarket floral departments, event planners, or dedicated flower arrangement companies. The basic salary for a florist ranges from $20,000 to $56,000.

#21. Park Ranger

Park rangers help to secure the national parks. They mainly ensure visitors are safe and lead tour groups through various historical locations. 

As a new entrant, you can expect to make $53,300 a year and then work your way up to $56,666 a year. As a supervisor, you can earn up to $80,000 a year. This is a fantastic job if you enjoy spending most of your time outdoors.

#22. Tour Guide

If you like to talk about history, art, architecture, or travel, being a tour guide will be a fun and easy job for you. There are no formal educational requirements, and you can choose to work on your own or for an agency.

The average yearly pay for tour guides is $27,600, but those in the top 10 percent earn a solid $45,850 per year.

#23. Dental Hygienist

You need some formal education to become a dental hygienist. This can require between two to four years of schooling. After this, you will have enough training to carry out preventive dental care such as oral examination and teeth cleaning. 

The average salary for a dental hygienist varies from state to state. But you can expect to make six figures in a year.

#24. Private Tutor

If you’ve some teaching skills and expertise in a particular subject, you can be a private tutor. It is a flexible job that allows you to determine your schedule and pay.  

You can choose to work with an agency, offer personal classes, or teach online. 

Most private tutors earn an average of $39,350 a year. In comparison, top private tutors can make $87,290 or more.

#25. House Painter

House Painting is a pretty straightforward job. All you need is to understand the various coating types and their application. In most cases, you can learn these things by working on the job. 

The starting salary for house painters is around $40,280 a year. Professional painters can earn more than $67,560.

#26. Ridesharing Driver

To be a ridesharing driver, all you need is a good vehicle, clean driving records, and a current driver’s license. 

You can start by working with ridesharing apps such as Lyft or Uber. You can also go independently as a chauffeur or taxi for hire if you like. 

To be a ridesharing driver, you don’t need any formal education. However, it pays to be familiar with the streets in your area. As a ridesharing driver, you can anywhere from $19,240 to $40,360 a year.

#27. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants can choose to work full-time, part-time, or remotely. A high school diploma or equivalent certificate and a few weeks’ on-the-job training are the only requirements. 

A college degree is an added advantage. You can expect to earn $26,880 at the entry level and up to $67,510 as you advance. Working on-site allows you to enjoy employee benefits such as PTO (Paid-Time-Off).

#28. Sales Representative

You do well as a sales representative if you are persuasive, willing to learn and have a strong drive to succeed. 

Sales representatives earn between $31,950 to $129,200 a year, depending on their experience and payment structure.

#29. Elevator Inspector

The role of an elevator inspector is to ensure conveying and lifting devices such as ski lifts, elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, and amusement park rides comply with safety codes. 

As an elevator inspector, you can earn anywhere between $44,000 – $81,000.

#30. Food Delivery

You can carry out food delivery for local and fancy restaurants, grocery stores, or app-based food outfits as a part-time or full-time job. All you need is a high school diploma or equivalent and a few days’ on-the-job training. 

You can earn around $34,340 as a food delivery driver; top earners can earn $70,080 or more annually. You don’t need any particular skill except the ability to drive and follow instructions.

#31. Medical Records Technician

If you are willing to work for health-related businesses, consider working as a medical records technician. Although you can start without a degree, you should get a professional certificate or an associate degree. Most states will require that you get a license.

The pay for medical record technicians ranges from $28,800 to $73,370. You can work in private clinics, public hospitals, and health insurance companies.

#32. Truck Driver

To work as a truck driver for a company, you need:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent, 
  • A few weeks’ on-the-job training,
  • Sometimes a commercial driver certificate from a trucking school or community college. 

If you don’t mind spending days on the road at a time, you can earn between $30,660 to $69,480 as a truck driver. 

You earn more if you have the special state licenses to transport hazardous materials. You can choose to work with your own truck as a freelancer or join a company fleet.

#Bonus: Flooring Installers

You don’t need any formal qualification to become a flooring installer. Flooring installers are usually trained on the job as apprentices and earn between $27,070 to $76,080 annually.

The Bottom Line

All the jobs listed here qualify as easy jobs with great average pay. Furthermore, most of these jobs are stress-free and don’t require extensive formal education or prior work experience. 

Overall, they will help you create a fulfilling and financially free life. You can pursue your interests with these jobs while still earning enough stipends to survive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a common misconception about these jobs?

The most common misconception is that easy jobs require no effort. That is not true at all. All jobs require some level of effort and have their share of stress. 

However, these jobs qualify as easy because you can efficiently perform them without special skills and stress. Besides, they pay excellently well for the effort required.

No one is going to pay you for doing nothing. However, you can make a lot of money without putting yourself through so much stress.

How much does an average person make per hour?

According to Trading Economics, the average person made around $11.17 per hour in 2021. Most of the jobs listed in this guide pay more than that. For instance, you can earn $12.02 per hour to $18.57 per hour as a dog walker.

Your exact hour rates will depend on so many factors such as your location, experience, educational qualification, skill, and compensation structure of your employer.