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If you’ve applied for any job in the past, the chances are that you’ve gone through at least one form of drug test. This is a common requirement for many jobs. Data shows that about 56% of American employers require their employees to undergo drug screening. The rationale behind this is to test whether an employee or a prospective employee is on drugs.

However, times are changing, and this requirement is gradually becoming obsolete. For instance, New York City has now passed a law that prevents employers from testing their employees for THC. This has been spurred by the legalization of Cannabis in some states. People now even take medical marijuana for health purposes.

We have prepared this guide to take you through 28 jobs that fit that bill if you’re looking for jobs that don’t require drug tests. We also discussed companies that perform drug tests generally. Finally, we covered tips you can leverage to get hired as a job applicant. Continue reading to learn more.


28 Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

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Contemplating jobs that don’t require a drug test? We have provided a list of jobs worthy of consideration in this section.


#1. Housekeeper

Housekeeping is one job that doesn’t require a drug test for you to get started. As a housekeeper, the responsibilities often include cleaning, arranging items, and maintenance. You might work in hotels, offices, or private residential homes based on the housekeeping nature.

You should expect to vacuum, clean, sweep, and generally keep things in order with little or no supervision. The expected pay scale for this job is $23,000. You also don’t require any technical skills.


#2. Retail Sales Associate 

If you’re interested in working in a grocery store, then you can apply for retail sales associate roles. Other places that require a retail sales associate include gas stations, supermarkets, and shops that use registers.

Your typical responsibilities include attending to customers’ needs, filling out the register, and shop maintenance tasks. Most companies that employ cashiers, also known as retail sales associates, don’t require a drug test. You can expect an average annual salary of about $31,000.


#3. Dog Walker

Walking dogs is more than a hobby. It can also be a source of income. If you’re a fan of dogs, you can become a professional dog walker and make an earning.

Essentially, you’ll act as a caretaker for the dogs and create schedules for walking them. This position doesn’t require you to go through a drug test, and the expected pay scale is around $23,000.


#4. Dog Trainer

Dog training is a role many dog owners consider crucial. As a dog trainer, you’ll be responsible for teaching the dogs how to interact. You might also provide rehabilitation services to old dogs. Dog trainers generally have experience in the field and understand how to relate to dogs.

Nevertheless, this is a role you can fit into once you learn about dog training adequately. After all, most dog owners are self-employed. Also noteworthy is that drug tests are not important for this job. The expected pay scale for this role is about $27,386 annually.


#5. Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist is a beauty professional who might specialize in hair styling, nails, or any other beauty aspect. Your client base in this field will spread across people who need haircuts and those looking for more in-depth beauty services. Occasionally, you might have to provide special services as well.

Working in this role will require you to have the right skills. Therefore, you must first learn to become a beauty professional. You can expect to make about $31,000 annually based on your location and clientele.


#6. Photographer

If you have an eye for aesthetics and love to create beautiful images, you can learn photography and apply for jobs. Photographers are typically self-employed but get clients across various places. You might also have to document special occasions for companies that require your services.

Often, your experience matters in this field. People want to hire photographers with great working experience and a vast portfolio of work. Nevertheless, it’s a field you can break into once you have the skills and your equipment. On average, photographers make about $31,000 annually.


#7. Personal Fitness Trainer

Suppose you already exercise your body and you’re passionate about it, you might consider becoming a personal fitness trainer. There’s a high demand for fitness professionals, as many people are always looking for those who can help their fitness journey.

Although some trainers are self-employed, others work with established gyms. You’ll need to be highly motivated and understand different workout routines that fit different people for this role. This way, you can work seamlessly with any client irrespective of their body size and what they want to achieve. Personal trainers make an average of about $38,894 yearly.


#8. Chef

Chefs are a crucial part of any restaurant. As such, you can expect that employers place premium attention on getting the best chefs. To qualify as a chef, you need to possess relevant culinary skills and also hold some certifications. You’ll also need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment.

The expectations of the role vary based on the nature of the restaurant. Fine dining restaurants have very high expectations of their chefs’ qualifications. 

The pay scale for this role is about $44,000 annually, and you generally don’t need to go through a drug test.


#9. Journalist

If you enjoy writing and researching, journalism might be a field of interest. Your task here will involve covering such topics as politics, celebrity gossip, and numerous other stories.

Whether or not you’ll go through a drug test here depends on the company’s size. Big companies might require you to be tested. Nevertheless, drug testing in this space is generally rare.

Journalists make about $52,000 yearly.


#10. Interior Designer

An eye for aesthetics is a great part of being an interior designer. You might find this field interesting if you love to make spaces beautiful irrespective of their sizes. Many people want to make their homes look appealing, even on a budget.

As an interior designer, you must understand inspection regulations and building codes. Although this job might not require educational qualification, you need to have learned from an expert or self-taught yourself efficiently. Since interior designers are generally self-employed, drug tests are not a requirement. The expected pay scale is about $60,132.


#11. Film Producer

Film production is one of the many jobs that pay well. Film producers are crucial to the success of movie making and sales. You must possess the relevant educational requirement, experience, and skills to work in this role. Film producers have to be skilled in filmmaking and have great business acumen. These are fundamental to performing excellently in the role.

From the financial aspect of movie-making to the creative parts, a film or TV producer must show organization and tactics. This role doesn’t require drug testing, and the annual pay scale is about $63,000.


#12. Florist

Flower lovers often become florists and work in flower shops. If you love nurturing flowers and like to beautify spaces with them, this might be a field of interest. People need flowers for different purposes, from weddings to funerals.

You can apply to independent flower shops to become a florist. It’s unlikely that you’ll perform any drug test in the process. The expected annual salary is about $48,525 based on the company size, location, and valuation.


#13. Real Estate Agent

With an annual salary of about $99,000, the real estate agent role is one of the top ones to consider. As a real estate agent, you’ll help people purchase and sell properties. More importantly, real estate agents conduct a lot of research and guide their clients on the best investment strategies.

Many agents are self-employed. Therefore, the issue of drug testing is avoided altogether. Notably, you’ll need to build your network and acquire some working experience to function effectively in this role.


#14. General Manager

From supermarkets to restaurants, the role of a general manager is an important part of a company’s structure. General managers have a supervisory role. They interact with other employees and assess their deliverables.

To work in this position, you’ll need to have great communication and managerial skills. Your people skills will come into play in how you deal with other employees. This is also one of the highest-paying jobs on this list, as you can expect a salary of about $82,000 yearly.


#15. Writer

Writers mostly work from home, especially given the rise of the digital era and the need for clients to meet various writing needs. You can be a freelancer, working for multiple clients across different niches. The flexible nature of freelancing affords you some free time to attend to your other needs.

You simply need to sharpen your writing skills and build a portfolio on a freelancing platform. Alternatively, you can reach out to clients via social media pages. The expected pay scale of writers is about $57,000.


#16. Computer Programmer 

The rise of computer programmers is all thanks to the increasing needs of the digital space. This job entails coding, analyzing algorithms, solving problems with software programs, and more.

You might need some educational qualification to work in some capacities, but what matters generally are your skills and experience. You can also work remotely, and the average annual salary is about $66,000.


#17. Graphic Designer

Similar to writing, graphic designers also help clients meet their design needs. You can work as a freelancer in this capacity and execute tasks for many clients. This is an easy job that pays well, as you can expect to earn about $45,000 yearly. This is a great perk of freelancing.


#18. Computer Animator

With an estimated average salary of $71,000, a computer animator works on software programs to create artistic animations for clients. This is also a great position to occupy if you’re looking to work from home. It’s also a freelancing role, so you don’t have to worry about drug tests.


#19. Mobile Applications Developer

On average, mobile application developers earn about $89,000 annually. With companies and businesses building apps for ease of use, app developers continue to increase in numbers. The high demand provides an incentive for someone with the required skills.

This job is high-paying, and you don’t require a drug test to get started.


#20. Information Technology (IT) Consultant

IT Consultants make a living by providing solutions to companies that work with different software programs. As an IT consultant, you work with computers and understand the system’s infrastructure. Depending on your client base, you’ll offer various technical solutions. For these services, you can expect an average salary of about $73,000.


#21. Fulfillment Center Associate

Earning $16 per hour, you can work as a fulfillment associate. Your job responsibilities here will include packaging products and ordering these products based on an established schedule. The job doesn’t require drug testing and background check.


#22. Automotive Service Technician

If you love cars and would like to work on them, becoming an automotive service technician is great. You will service cars and work on different relevant parts of the vehicle system in this role. You must possess the needed experience and skills. The pay scale is about $35 per hour.


#23. Secretary 

Many companies require secretaries to execute some day-to-day tasks. Your responsibility as a secretary involves keeping tabs on the company’s needs and also helping employees out where necessary. You must have great communication skills to function adequately in this role. The average annual salary is about $42,000 yearly.


#24. Material Handlers

As a material handler, you can earn anywhere between $28,000 and $36,000. The role isn’t high-paying, but the responsibilities are generally straightforward and convenient. Your tasks will include receiving, storing, and distributing materials within establishments.


#25. Research Assistant

If you hold the relevant educational requirements, you can work as a research assistant and earn about $39,000. The role requires modifying and planning research experiments. You’ll also carry out tests and procedures accordingly. It’s not a job that requires a drug test, but you’ll need some level of education to work in this capacity.


#26. Academic Tutor

Academic tutors offer their services across different homes. You can become an academic tutor if you’re proficient in any subject of study, especially core ones such as mathematics and grammar. Generally, academic tutors earn about $34,868 yearly.


#27. Social Media Manager

You might be social media savvy or even have a large following. If you do, consider working as a social media manager. Companies continue to employ young social media managers to handle their campaigns and maintain their brand presence in the digital community. You can make about $71,216 working in this capacity.


#28. Sales Assistant

Sales assistants are responsible for interacting with customers and addressing their concerns. As a sales assistant, you’ll also stock and restock merchandise, liaise with managers, and receive the delivery of products. The expected pay scale here is about $16.20 per hour.


List Of Companies Who Generally Don’t Drug Test

You might be curious about top companies that don’t drug test their employees. Many tech companies fall into this category. We have provided a list of the top companies that fit the bill.


— Google

Google is a tech giant that focuses on your experience and skills during hiring. The company doesn’t require its employees to undergo a drug test. Perhaps this is because the company is headquartered in California, which is Cannabis-friendly. On the other hand, it might simply be the company’s policy to prioritize a candidate’s portfolio.


— Apple

Although becoming an Apple employee requires a great deal of work (even for entry-level roles), the company doesn’t have a known drug test procedure. Apple focuses on innovative individuals who do great work. Once an employee meets the company’s standards, they have nothing to worry about.


— Starbucks

Working at Starbucks is the dream of many, especially those who love the coffee industry. The company doesn’t submit its employees or potential candidates to any drug testing. The company also allows its employees to modify their bodies with tattoos, hair colors, and piercings.


— Microsoft

Perhaps following its competitors or simply the company’s policy, Microsoft — just like the aforementioned tech giants — doesn’t utilize any known drug testing for its employees. When you’re applying to a job here, you simply need to build your portfolio, resume, and other competence factors that set you apart.


— Michaels

As a lover of crafts and creative processes, you might want to join Michaels as an employee. The work environment is easy-going and relaxing. You also don’t need to complete a drug test to work at the company.

Other companies in this category include Chipotle, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and PetSmart.


— Whole Foods

The company is all about the love of food. No employee undergoes a drug test to gain employment. If you love the food and beverage industry, this is one of the places you might want to consider. The company also offers competitive salaries and great benefits.


Jobs That Always Perform Drug Tests

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Although many companies don’t include a drug test as part of their recruitment process, you can expect to meet this requirement when applying to certain industries. These industries are safety-sensitive.


— Healthcare Facilities & Hospitals

If you’re applying to work in healthcare, there are good chances that you’ll have to take a drug test. Medical professionals are generally considered to be in the right state of mind at all times. Although this can’t always be the case, most healthcare companies have this requirement.


— Automotive Industry 

Employers in the automotive and transportation industry often require their employees to take drug tests. Therefore, you should prepare accordingly if you’re applying to a company in this space. For instance, Amazon will drug screen job candidates for transportation services.


— Manufacturing

Employees in the manufacturing and heavy machinery lifting space often take drug tests before being offered jobs. Also, you can expect random drug tests based on the company’s policy.

The other job areas you can expect drug tests include working for the federal government, pharmaceuticals, and insurance.


Tips For Getting Hired

Whether a company’s hiring process includes a drug test or otherwise, certain job tips can improve your hiring chances. Understanding these hacks will set you apart from other job candidates.


— Understand The Job Description

The best candidates are those who understand the job description. Before applying for any position, ensure you know what the job requires. This way, you can connect your skills and experience to the role and show how they will help you with your deliverables.

Therefore, when you come across a job position, take a good time to understand the role, past employees of the role (if you can access that), and other key details.

It might also be an important step to assess the companies you apply to for their work culture. You sure don’t want to find out a company has a toxic work environment when you’ve gone neck-deep with the application.


— Highlight Your Experience

When sending your resume for an application, the focus should be on your experience and skills. You want your recruiter to understand you’re the right person for the job. For this purpose, you must establish your experience, how you gained competence while at it, and how you intend to operate in the new role. This helps the company to understand why they should hire you.


— Send A Follow-Up Email

Sending follow-up emails is an effective way to register your presence in the minds of your recruiters. After your job interview, you can send a follow-up email to thank the recruiters and highlight a part of the interview that interested you. The importance of highlighting this part is to further speak about the subject, but very briefly.

Recruiters mention they like to be reached via emails, so this is a great option if you’re looking to improve your chances of getting a job.


The Bottom Line

This guide has discussed 28 jobs that don’t require a drug test. We have also shown you some companies that require drug tests and their reasons for screening for marijuana use. Nevertheless, when applying for a job, it’s important to improve your chances by leveraging effective tips to help you get hired.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to fail a drug test and still get the job?

The essence of a drug test is to check whether a potential candidate is on prohibited drugs or otherwise. According to the relevant federal law or state law, checking a candidate’s drug use is designed to foster a drug-free workplace. For companies that use this measure, it’s an important metric for determining whether you get the job. Therefore, if you fail your drug test, you likely won’t get the job with the company, whether you’re applying for a full-time or part-time role.

However, you should note that a failed drug test doesn’t become a part of the public record. Therefore, you can still apply to another employee, and if you pass the drug test, you should get the job. Nevertheless, it’s better to check whether a company has a drug test policy beforehand. That way, you can prepare adequately for the test.


What is the difference between a pre-employment drug test and a random drug test?

Pre-employment drug screening comes during the hiring process. It’s a crucial step that qualified candidates must go through before receiving their job offers. If you fail the test at this stage, there are good chances you won’t get the job.

On the other hand, random drug tests take place among existing employees. Companies conduct random drug tests so no one can prepare or attempt to manipulate their test results.


What are the different types of drug tests for employment?

There are different types of drug tests for employment, and a company can choose any based on its policy. The test can be based on urine, oral, blood, hair, or sweat. There’ll be a lab where you’ll provide any of these, and the required tests will be conducted. It also doesn’t take long to get your drug test results. Within about 5 days, you should get your test results.

If you want to avoid drug tests, you should simply apply for no drug test jobs.