12 Best Answers For “Why Do You Want To Work Here?”

You’re interviewing for your dream job, and so far, you’re nailing all of the common interview questions. But then, the hiring manager fires off one last question: “Why do you want this job”? Panic ensues, and now you’re one step away from losing your new job. What should you do?

There aren’t a whole lot of interview questions job-seekers enjoy. But one of the most challenging (yet familiar) job interview questions is, “Why do you want to work here?” While it might be tempting to focus on salary, benefits, or other advantages that work for you, that’s not exactly the best route to take.

When it comes to answering this infamous interview question, you need to be strategic — just like the rest of your entire interview. But how?

If you find yourself stumped every time a recruiter asks why are you interested in working for their establishment, keep reading. We researched what career experts had to say about answering this question and getting an edge up on the competition.

How To Answer “Why Do You Want To Work Here?”

 It’s all about the details when it comes to answering, “Why do you want to work for this company?” The recruiter doesn’t want to know why you picked this position for your potential next job. They want to know why you chose this specific company and how you will benefit them. With that in mind, here are a few key things to include in your response:

  • Something about the company. Needless to say, you’re going to have to do your homework and have as much knowledge of the company as possible. Check out the company website, social media accounts, and recent news articles to discover everything you can. Then, pick a few standout things to include in your response, such as the company culture and innovations. 
  • Something about the job role. To create a good answer, you also need to know the ins and outs of the job description.
  • Why they should pick you. Let’s be honest — there are plenty of job seekers out there, and you’re likely not the only candidate for this potential employer. Now’s another excellent time to toot your own horn and stand out from the crowd. Explain why they should pick you over everyone else and give specific reasons why you will benefit the company overall.

Examples Of What Not To Say

Just as it is crucial to say the right thing, it’s even more important to avoid saying the wrong thing. Make sure you don’t blurt out any of these sub-par responses at your next interview:

  • “I need money.” Yeah, we all do. But recruiters don’t want to hear that. This shows that you will take just about any job. And while that might be true (depending on your current financial situation), it comes across as desperate and impersonal. 
  • “I see this as a great job for my future.” Of course, a company wants to know that you’re in it for the long haul. However, this is not a great answer. It shows that you’re already focused on what’s next rather than what’s happening. It’s OK to share career goals, but the focus should be placed on the job you’re applying for today.
  • “This job has amazing benefits.” That’s great! Employers should give their employees excellent benefits, regardless of the position or establishment. Is it something you should say during an interview, though? Nope. By saying this, you almost make it sound as though you’re using the company and could care less what the role is. 
  • “Seems like a cool job.” Nope. Generic answers or answers that prove you haven’t researched the company aren’t going to cut it.

“Why Do You Want To Work Here?” Sample Answers

Still unsure about what you’re going to say the next time you’re asked, “Why do you want this job?” I get it — it’s pretty confusing. To help you get started, check out some of these top-notch example answers. Obviously, you can pick and choose pieces from each one to create an answer you’re 100% pleased with.

Answer 1. 

Unfortunately, I found myself outgrowing my latest position with no room for expansion. That’s when I stumbled across your job opening. I read that many of your employees have started from the ground up, and I would love to work for a business that promotes from within based on track record. I can see my current skills being valuable to your company, and I’m excited to hone my skills and work hard to advance in my career path eventually.

Answer 2.

A while back, I read that this company does a lot of outreach within the community. As someone who volunteers regularly and is passionate about giving back, I was automatically intrigued. I went to the company website right away and was thrilled when I found a job opening matching my desired field. I’d love the chance to work here, not only because I’m interested in the career itself, but I would be honored to work for a company that shares the same values as I do.

Answer 3.

I’ve consistently seen your company on the list of “top-rated places to work.” Employee testimonials have said that you’re an optimistic company that encourages growth through programs and training. I feel that my passion and interest in this position align with your company’s enthusiasm, and I’d be honored to grow with your company.

Answer 4.

After I read your company’s mission statement, I knew this was a place I wanted to work. My beliefs and goals align with the company’s, and I genuinely believe I would be an excellent asset to this already-great company of top-notch employees.

Answer 5.

I have spent the last nine years in the customer service industry. I’m confident that my experience and expertise will shine bright in your establishment, too, and I won’t stop until customer satisfaction has reached an all-time high.

Answer 6.

I admire the fact that even after 20 years in business, your company has not slacked on its goals, values, or mission. When I started my job search, I wanted to find a company dedicated to its culture that won’t waver over time, and I found that with your business.

Answer 7.

I am an employee that genuinely values teamwork, and I know your company feels the same. That’s why I jumped on the opportunity to apply for the role. I believe in working with my co-workers towards a common goal, and I know that my skills combined with my level of teamwork will be beneficial to your company.

Answer 8.

This firm has a stellar reputation of being a top-of-the-line business with excellent customer satisfaction rates and an approach focused on strong security measures and client protection. This proves that this company is built on strong leaders. My background in security places me at the top of the list for this opportunity. I will work tirelessly to ensure the safety of this company and its clientele.

Answer 9.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about this company before the recruiter called me. But after extensive research and hearing everything you’ve had to say during this interview, I am genuinely interested in becoming part of the team. I’ve spent the last few years in the marketing department, but I’ve also graduated from tech school. I saw that you’re growing your technical marketing department, and with my background, I feel I can bring a lot to this new team.

Answer 10.

I’ve been an invested member of the local school board for the past six years. I have been in touch with many of your representatives throughout the years, especially when organizing fundraisers and functions. Through this time, I have had the chance to get to know your industry and have multiple ideas on improving it even further.

Answer 11.

I have a good friend in your marketing department. She always raves about what a fantastic company this is, so I knew I needed to apply when she notified me of an opening position. I am confident that my experience, paired with my goals, will be a valuable asset to your company. I’m looking forward to working for a business where I can continue learning and developing my skills.

Answer 12.

I researched your company extensively, paying extra close attention to the turnover rate. I was shocked to see your rate so low, considering most food service businesses tend to be relatively high. Clearly, your company values its employees, and you have created a positive work environment that employees genuinely enjoy working in. I would love to join a successful team and continue working with them for as long as possible.

Tips For Improving Your Chances Of Getting Hired

Even the best questions and answers won’t necessarily land you a new job. To ensure your next interview is your last interview, check out these super simple tips for improving your chances of getting hired.

  • Dress appropriately. Make sure you’re dressed for the role you’re applying for. For example, someone applying for a nursing career might wear their scrubs while a future manager should wear business attire like a suit. Regardless, always make sure your clothing is clean and dry, and your hair is done.
  • Have personality. Personality goes a long way no matter what position you’re applying for. Keep a smile on your face and be personable. Even if you’re not overly sociable, “fake it till you make it.”
  • Be confident. Don’t forget your confidence in the backseat! Although it can be nerve-wracking, don’t put your confidence on display. Don’t bite your nails and speak clearly and concisely (and not too loud or too quiet).
  • Prepare ahead of time. Just like you’re preparing for the “Why do you want to work here?” questions, you should also prepare for other questions and answers. Search for common interview questions and practice with a family member or friend.
  • Do your research. Knowing the ins and outs of the company and the job description will lend you a significant hand when it comes to answering questions. Bonus: it will help answer this crucial question, too!

What To Expect After Your Job Interview

Whether you applied for a job on LinkedIn and did a phone interview or went to an in-person interview in hopes of a job offer, one thing everyone wants to know is — what’s next? If the interview went well, then you can expect the following to happen:

  • A follow-up interview. Some jobs require more than one interview. They will most likely share this information with you before you leave the interview, though.
  • A one or two-week wait. While some employers hire on the spot, others want to take the time to review every applicant before making a final decision. This typically takes around one or two weeks.

The Bottom Line

The question, “Why do you want to work here?” is complex and requires a strategic answer. The best thing to do is include aspects of the company that enticed you, why you’re an excellent fit for the position, and how you will benefit the company overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I ask the hiring manager questions too?

Absolutely! Asking the hiring manager questions shows a sincere interest in the company and position, giving you an edge over the competition. Three of the best questions include, “How long have you worked here?”, “What would you expect of me within the first three months of employment?” and “What is your favorite thing about working here?”

Why do hiring managers ask, “Why do you want to work here”?

The hiring managers are really asking why you want to work for the company. They want to know that you have put in the work to research the company and know it’s where you want to be employed. They always want to discover how you will benefit the company overall. This is why answers like “Because I need money” or “Because the company has great benefits” aren’t going to suffice.