Baskin-Robbins Job Application & Careers | Complete Hiring Guide

Baskin Robbins sign above a shop.

Baskin-Robbins was founded in 1945. Since then, the company has become one of the renowned ice cream chains across different places. If you’re passionate about the ice cream industry and would love to get a job here, you should learn about the processes involved and how best to make your application stand out. Interestingly, 16-year-olds can pick up application forms.

You’ll find numerous branches across different countries for a company as large as Baskin-Robbins. Whether you intend to apply online or approach a branch of the company to pick up a physical form, this guide will provide you with all you need to know to create a stellar application.


Company Overview

Founded: December 7, 1945

Founder: Burt Baskin & Irv Robbins

Industry: Restaurants & Cafes


Headquarters: 10 Woburn St, Lexington, Massachusetts 02420, United States

Phone Number: 800-859-5339

Company Size: 10,000+ Employees


Baskin-Robbins hires employees both part-time and full-time. Here are some of the details about the company.

In 1945, the American brothers Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins founded the company in California. Present in over 8,000 locations with over 2,500 shops in the United States, the company claims to be the largest chain of ice cream shops globally. You can choose the branch to send your application to based on location preference.

The company operates in the food service and beverage industry. They are known for their “31 flavors” slogan based on the ideology that human beings crave different tastes on different days. Since its inception in 1945, the company has released more than 1,200 flavors catering to different taste buds. The company has had its headquarters in Lexington, Massachusetts, since 2004.


Applying For A Job With Baskin-Robbins

When you decide to apply for a job at Baskin-Robbins, you first need to determine the role that interests you. The company often has different roles open at different points in time. As such, you have to be on the lookout to know when the company is taking applications for suitable roles.

Once you meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years old, you can apply for a job at the company. Here is how to go about it.


— Access The Baskin-Robbins Careers Page

Baskin Robbins career page screenshot

The company’s careers page contains the details concerning available job positions in the company. The page also provides you with a company overview and discusses what a career looks like at Baskin-Robbins. You’ll encounter information about how the work environment is perceived and what you can anticipate.


— Search For Job Vacancies

A screenshot of the Baskin Robbins careers page website.

Navigate through the page and locate the search button. Here, you can search for available job positions from the company. Once the system presents the available job positions, ensure you go through them thoroughly. Before proceeding with a job opening, you should carefully read through the requirements and job description. It’ll be smart to go for jobs that don’t require much technical expertise, especially if you’re just getting started.

However, if you’ve some experience in the food and beverage industry, you can consider suitable senior roles accordingly. Each job position comes with its details. You will see what’s expected of the ideal candidate and the obligations you’ll need to fulfill.


— Complete Application Form

Screenshot of Baskin Robbins careers website

Once you identify the role that fits you, proceed to complete the application online. The application process will collect some of your personal information and relevant experience where applicable.

You’ll also be required to answer some basic questions to test your interest and suitability for the role. Once you’ve filled out the form, go over it carefully to ensure you filled in the correct details.


Baskin-Robbins Roles & Salary Information

a group og people standing in amodern, well lit Baskin Robbins store.

Baskin-Robbins is a place you can consider if you’re interested in fast-paced employment. Whether you’re looking to start at the entry-level or continue pursuing your career, the company has different roles you can occupy. Some of these roles include crew member, manager, cake decorator, ice cream server, etc.


— Crew Member

You can apply to be a crew member at Baskin-Robbins. Your job responsibilities in this role include cleaning dining areas, processing customer orders, and attending to purchases. You’ll need to understand effective ways to relate with customers and meet their needs. As a crew member, you should also expect to work with different people. Therefore, you must be accommodating and be able to operate as a team member.

This is a role that doesn’t require any form of experience. The pay scale for crew members starts at $9 per hour. As you spend more time working with the company, you become eligible for added benefits to improve your work experience. Some other notable perks from employees include enjoying a free ice cream after some shifts.


— Manager

If you have some experience dealing with people and generally getting the best out of them, you might consider applying for the role of a store manager at Baskin-Robbins. As a manager, you will have to assign tasks to employees and create effective structures to ensure the completion of these tasks. You’ll also need to interview and hire new talents to fill different roles.

An ideal candidate for this job position will be someone with experience in the food and beverage industry. You might have even served as a shift leader in previous employment. Understanding how shifts work will also be an added advantage for a job seeker applying for this role. The expected pay is $50,000 per year.


— Cake Decorators

As a cake decorator in Baskin-Robbins, you’ll have a lot to do with making cakes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. You’ll also need to understand the company’s flavor culture. This is a role that requires the technical skill of decorating a cake.

Therefore, an ideal candidate will have some experience in the baking space. Whether you’re self-taught or attended a school to learn how to bake, you’ll need to prove these skills. 

The expected pay scale for this job role is about $14.77 per hour. You also get to enjoy some added benefits of working in the company.


— Ice Cream Server

One of the most important products at Baskin-Robbins is ice cream. This is a great fit if you need a job that requires no major experience or technical skills. Ice cream scoopers and servers at Baskin-Robbins are paid about $9.14 per hour.



When Baskin-Robbins employs you for a role, you’ll receive training accordingly to help you perform adequately in the said role. The training covers store procedures, cleaning techniques, cash register systems, and customer relations.

The company also offers some opportunities such as paid training, flexible shifts, and sometimes, paid vacation based on certain requirements. Senior positions in the company attract more benefits even though they expectedly attract more responsibilities.


Tips For Applying

When applying to Baskin-Robbins, you should attempt speaking to the hiring manager directly. This helps you establish some presence before they come across your application. You might also want to send your resume alongside your employment application form. This provides the hiring manager some insights into your employment history, skills, and education. It also helps the recruiter understand why you want to work at the company.

If the company invites you for an interview, ensure you dress well and appropriately conduct yourself. Prepare for interview questions on the job position also, get ready to ask your recruiters some questions after the job interview.


Baskin-Robbins Interview Process

Candidates who will proceed to the interview stage will hear back from the recruiters within two weeks. Baskin-Robbins job seekers applying for managerial roles often get a notification on their application status within a week. When the company calls you for an interview, the next step to take is to prepare thoroughly.

Baskin-Robbins wants to know whether you’re truly a great fit for the role. Therefore, you should expect numerous questions on the primary responsibilities of the role you’re applying for. This makes it important to read the job requirements carefully and understand what’s expected of an ideal candidate.

The recruiters will also ask you questions about why you’re the right candidate. Here, you must highlight your skills and what makes you stand out among others. A great way to fit the bill with many recruiters is to read up on the company’s values and expectations of employees. Baskin-Robbins prioritizes cleanliness and great customer relations. Therefore, a candidate who respects these values will likely rank high.


Working At Baskin-Robbins

Many employees consider working at Baskin-Robbins fun and encouraging. The primary duties of most of the roles are straightforward and don’t require much. You should be good to go once you can pay attention to details.

The company also generally pays above the minimum wage and offers opportunities for those looking to further their career in the food and beverage industry. These include paid training and flexible scheduling. Other benefits provided by the company for full-time employees include:


  • Life insurance for some employees
  • Qualified workers can get tuition reimbursement
  • 401(k)
  • Healthcare coverage

Baskin-Robbins has also been in the industry for tens of years and, as such, has a notable presence on social media platforms.


The Bottom Line

Baskin-Robbins is one of the top places with job opportunities in the food and beverage industry. Whether you’re looking to join the company on a full-time or part-time basis, various roles are available for you. Check the company’s careers page for available job roles and read the requirements carefully before deciding on which application to make.

For technical or senior roles, it’s thoughtful to send your resume alongside your application form to provide the hiring manager with more information and additional credentials. Generally, the company operates a pay scale above the minimum wage for employees. Managerial roles, on the other hand, have a salary structure.

With the information in this guide, you can complete your application form and also prepare for the interview session adequately.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a resume for Baskin-Robbins?

No, not for all roles. When you’re applying to Baskin-Robbins, you simply need to check the careers page and fill out the application form. This is all you need for most roles that don’t require experience and technical skills. Following your application, the company will reach out within two weeks if your candidacy progresses to the application stage. 

However, if you’re applying for a managerial role or a role that requires some experience, it’s thoughtful to send your resume alongside your application. This is a great way to help the hiring manager know more about you, thereby improving your chances of getting the job. It’s important to understand that your goal when applying to Baskin-Robbins is to get the job. Therefore, you should always contemplate different ways to stand out among others.

So, essentially, if you’re applying for entry-level roles or you’re applying to your first job after high school, filling out the application form suffices. But, if it’s otherwise, a well-tailored resume might be a great way to position yourself for an interview.


What are the benefits of being a Baskin-Robbins employee?

Working at Baskin-Robbins comes with its benefits. Aside from the pay scale for your work, the company offers growth and career advancement opportunities, especially for full-time employees. You also receive paid training as a part of your onboarding process after receiving an offer. Full-time employees also get access to paid vacation.

The company also provides healthcare coverage and life insurance schemes for its full-time employees. This is aside from the 401 (k) retirement plan. Baskin-Robbins also offers qualified workers tuition reimbursement to help them offset some parts of their burden. 

Employees also note that the company offers flexible scheduling, making it convenient to work across different shifts. As an employee, you get to work in a fun environment and access free ice cream after some shifts.


Does Baskin-Robbins have uniform requirements?

This depends on the role you apply for. For instance, cashiers/employees should generally be on BR merch shirts, khaki pants, and hats. On the other hand, employees in more senior positions can dress a bit more casually.

The essence of a uniform requirement is to make these employees easily identifiable to customers who might need assistance. Also, it provides the stores and shops with a sense of work policy. Whether Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, or McDonald’s, places like this generally have uniform requirements for some employees.

You cannot show up to work in ripped jeans or clothes that do not represent the true ideals of a workplace. When you’re going for an interview at the company, it suffices to dress casually without compromising the ideals of an interview environment.

Essentially, the company is generally relaxed with dressing, as it’s not a corporate workplace where you need to be in a suit and tie.