G4S Security Jobs & Careers | Full (Hiring Guide) Inside

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G4S (Group 4 Securicor) is one of the largest security companies in the world. The group has branches in over 85 countries and employs over 500 thousand employees. The scope of G4S operations stretches from countries such as the United Kingdom to UAE and New York, etc.

However, there is a limit to the number of persons the company can employ. For every job opening G4S post, hundreds of people apply for it. If you are looking to work at G4S, you should know that there will be several obstacles before becoming an official employee.

We have curated this application guide to help you beat the competition and secure your dream job at G4S. Here, we have covered everything from what you need to know about the company to the roles available and how to present yourself as the best candidate for the position.

Now, let’s delve into the full process of joining the security services as an employee at G4S. You can be a security guard or fill other security officer roles by leveraging the training and opportunities G4S provides for its employees.


Company Overview

Founded: July, 2004

Founder: Marius Hogrefe

Industry: Security & Protective Services

Website: g4s.com

Headquarters: 46 Gillingham Street, Pimlico, London SW1V 1HU, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +44 (0) 208 770 7000

Company Size: 10,000+ Employees


As an aspirant looking to join the rank of G4S employees, you should have some basic knowledge about the company. Before you apply for any position at the company, you should understand some key information. This will help you gauge how you may fit into the company and contribute to its core values.

G4S regularly updates job openings on their job board. You will know if you fit into the role adequately by reading the specified requirements. You will also see the benefits attached to the position and use the information to determine how well the roles suit your career plans.

G4S claims to offer the best career opportunities that cannot be gotten elsewhere regarding career plans. The most important claim is that employees can grow their careers while making a difference “in a meaningful way.”


Applying For A Job With G4S

If you want to apply for a job with G4S but do not know where to begin, this guide will help you. Follow the steps and read the instructions on the job posting properly to give yourself the best chance at securing the position.


— Visit The G4S Job Board

A screenshot of the careers page of the G4S website.

You have to start your journey into G4S by visiting the company’s job board. The job board provides you access to the numerous available jobs from the company. You can also come across links and job openings on career-oriented platforms such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed.


— Search For Open Positions

a screenshot of the open positions portion of the G4S website's careers page.

You will see a list of available positions on the job board. You can also use the search option to seek the job title you are interested in. This feature allows you to access other open positions not listed on the first page. If you see an opening for a position you desire, you can go ahead to apply.

Importantly, ensure you read not only the job introduction but also the requirements. This allows you to gain adequate insights into what the recruiters expect.


— Create Account & Complete Application Form

a screenshot of the G4S website's careers page.

To create your account, you only need to enter your email address and click on “Next.” After creating your account, you can fill in your details on the application form.

Subscribers of LinkedIn and Indeed can import their job profiles from the platforms. Then, after inputting all the necessary information, click on “Submit” and wait for the company’s response to your application.


G4S Roles & Salaries

A small silver G4S patrol car.

G4S is a security company. Consequently, most of the roles in the company are security officer jobs. In addition, some administrative and sales roles exist, but they only take a fraction of the regular security positions.


— Area Security Officer

An opening for the role of an Area Security Officer requires applicants to be available physically and be ready to work full-time as permanent employees. You will be covering various sites and greeting staff and visitors.

If you want to apply for this role, you must have basic communication skills as you will be interacting with people as they enter the company’s premises. In addition, your interpersonal skills will help you as you patrol the premises and look out for danger.

For this role, the salary is pegged at $9.80 per hour. Being a full-time position, you can plan your life around it and enjoy other benefits that come with the role.


— Recruitment Officer

Despite being a security company, G4S needs personnel to fill administrative roles. One of those is a recruitment officer who manages end-to-end recruitment processes.

To be a recruitment officer at G4S, you must have some years of experience and the skills necessary to excel in recruiting new talents. In return, you will earn up to $33,000 and enjoy benefits such as annual leave, pension scheme, life assurance, and more.


G4S Interview Process

The interview process at G4S is straightforward. After submitting your application, it takes about two weeks before the company responds to it. If you do not get a response within this timeframe, it may be that your application was unsuccessful.

Your interview at G4S may be physical or remote. For physical interviews, you must dress well and be punctual. Dress shirts and pants are okay.

Once you tick the box of great dressing, the next thing is to work on your confidence level. Usually, you will be interviewed by someone from the human resources department. However, occasionally, team managers interview job candidates.

During your interview, you will be asked general questions and some specific ones. General questions usually include your educational qualification, work experience, strengths and weaknesses, goals, etc.

A security guard aspirant will be asked about their license and experience. Ensure that you have licenses such as SIA to edge out other aspirants. Prior experience in law enforcement can land you an immediate job opportunity in G4S.

For administrative roles, you will be asked questions like “why should we hire you?” “are you a team player?” “why do you want to work here?

As an ideal candidate, you should answer every question thoroughly. You should also ask some questions about things you came across during your research about the company. This is an opportunity to show the interviewers that you are eager to join the company and will fit well into the role.


G4S Work Environment & Company Culture

G4S has been around for a long time, so it is no surprise that they have a well-formulated company culture. The company emphasizes its sustainability goals and corporate social responsibility embedded in every part of the business processes.

The work environment is great, as many former and current employees stated. Usually, they talk about perks like competitive pay, amiable work partners, and work benefits they enjoy at G4S.

Some employees do not enjoy working long hours and see it as one of the areas the company needs to improve. Others also complain about some managerial issues at some levels in the company.

G4S sponsors various security guard training and development programs for employees, which allow them to improve their professional qualifications. This training constitutes one of the various benefits the company gives its employees.

Other benefits include annual paid leave, holidays, pension schemes, life insurance, and other perks. Some roles also allow employees to work remotely or hybrid.

If you want to work at G4S, you should be prepared to work hard, but the pay is good, and the benefits are competitive.


The Bottom Line

Working at G4S is the dream of many armed security officers, especially those who prefer to work in the private sector. Getting into the company is challenging, but working with a global company with a wide reach is a great opportunity.

We have written this guide to help you understand the application process and ace it. However, you should remember the importance of researching the company before applying and doing your best during the interview. If you are successful, you can join the world’s largest private security services providers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do you need to work for G4S?

In every G4S job posting, the company states the qualifications they are looking for in potential candidates. You need some academic certificates for most roles, while others require advanced degrees. The roles in the former are mostly for guards.

Staff members in administrative roles sometimes need to possess higher levels of education. In addition to this, you need some communication and writing skills to work for G4S. This is a must for administrative roles such as human resources, finance, sales, and similar departments.

However, some members of security teams have to write reports of their assignments. Therefore, an ideal candidate should have good writing skills. Apart from academic qualifications, you will need some certifications and licenses to work for G4S.

Lastly, having previous work experience will notably impact your journey at G4S. The company has a fast-paced environment, making it challenging to learn on the job.


What kind of benefits does G4S offer?

G4S offers various benefits to its employees. The most common ones are annual paid leaves which range from 25 days to 8 weeks. In addition, employees also get paid during sick leave and are given bank holidays free.

Furthermore, G4S has a competitive salary scheme that ensures employees are paid well for their jobs. Consequently, whether working as a full-time employee or part-time, you will be compensated more than the average in the security industry when working for G4S.

G4S employees also enjoy a pension scheme through which they can plan their retirement. This will help you as a full-time employee who has dedicated most of your life and well-being to the company.

Other benefits at G4S include life assurance, a remote/hybrid working structure, and flexible work hours. There are more perks to working at G4S, but some depend on your role. For example, there is security guard training for those doing guard jobs and other career opportunities.


What does a G4S employee do on a daily basis?

G4S has a bustling work environment that encourages every employee to work efficiently within their capacities. What you do at work depends on your roles within the company. For example, security officers mostly work out of the office as the company assigns them various protection gigs.

They work as bodyguards for politicians, celebrities, sports stars, and protected persons within the society. They can also be assigned to work with the state’s law enforcement officers when the company enters into a deal with the government.

Apart from those field officers, some work as security officers within the company’s premises. These security guards keep the offices safe and perform the occasional investigative duties when assigned.

Employees in administrative roles work in their assigned capacities as human resource officers, finance officers, etc.


How much does G4S pay armed guards?

G4S is the largest private security service provider globally, and the company has a competitive pay structure. Security guards who work for G4S are paid an average of $17 per hour, with some earning up to $25 per hour.

Some variables determine how a G4S employee earns. Some of these include their role, job title, years of experience, and the country they are working from. For example, a full-time upscale security officer or custom protection officer earns more than a part-time security guard.

It’s also important to note that there are many other added benefits offered by the company to provide employees with a great working experience. Therefore, when contemplating working at the company, you shouldn’t just focus only on the pay scheme. Considering these benefits alongside the pay might make some notable difference.