Walgreens Job Application & Careers | Full Guide

Walgreens pharmacy logo on a storefront.

If you’d like to work for a retailer that provides up-to-date products for a healthier lifestyle, Walgreens could be the answer. Whether you want to be sure that customers get the right medications they need to maintain a healthier life through pharmaceuticals or you want a job where you can stay on top of the latest health and beauty trends, seeking a position at Walgreens can help you reach your goals.

We’ll provide you with the information you need to decide if a position at Walgreens would be a good fit for you and walk you through the application process so that you can put your best foot forward to increase your chances of getting hired.

Company Overview

Founded: 1901

Founder: Charles Rudolph Walgreen

Industry: Drug and Health Stores

Website: walgreens.com

Headquarters: Deerfield, IL

Phone Number:

Company Size: 10,000+

Mission Statement: “To champion the health and well-being of every community in America.


Walgreen’s mission is to help people live better lives by offering a wide range of health and beauty products to suit various concerns and needs. You can feel good knowing that you’re a part of this purpose by joining this company through one of their open positions.

When you choose to work for this company, it’s more than just a job; it’s a career. With opportunities for growth and advancement, you’ll find working in the inclusive workspace at Walgreens to be both challenging and rewarding. The company takes pride in diversity and inclusion, providing an atmosphere where everyone feels included and each voice matters.

One of the great aspects of choosing to work at Walgreens is that job opportunities aren’t limited to the pharmacy or within a specific store. This company also has corporate, warehouse, call center, and IT positions, so you can play a role in better health and happiness for customers from a position that fits your calling.


Applying for a Job with Walgreens

Before applying for one of the many opportunities that Walgreens has to offer, it’s helpful to know the reasons you wish to work for them and to understand how your skills and past work experience can be used in the application process even if you haven’t worked in the retail health and wellness sector before.

You can apply for a position in a Walgreens store, or you can complete the application process conveniently through the company’s website.


Visit the Walgreens Career Page

Start by visiting the company’s careers page. This will take you to a page where you’ll be able to decide how you wish to search for jobs with this company.

A screenshot of the Walgreens website careers page.

Search for Open Positions

Once you load the career page, you can search for open positions in several ways: by location, by type of position or by all jobs. If you choose the all jobs feature, you’ll have the opportunity to narrow your search by location, category and even hours per week. Walgreens also has opportunities for remote work, which can be helpful if there isn’t a location close to you.

Walgreens website careers page showing different types of jobs you can apply for.

You can also sign up for job alerts if you’re wanting a specific position or waiting for an opening close to your location. Some supervisor and pharmacist positions also offer a sign-on bonus, and this will be mentioned in the position title when you’re looking through the job offerings.

Carefully check to see that you meet the job requirement for your desired position before you proceed to the application process.


Create An Online Account & Complete Application Form

Once you find a position that interests you, you can either save the job while you continue searching for options, or you can apply right away.

First, you’ll need to create an account. You can sign in with Facebook or LinkedIn, or you can create a new account by using your email and a password. According to the website, the application process should take between 17 and 20 minutes. Answer each question carefully and thoughtfully. Once the application is submitted, you can’t change your answers. However, you can always edit your candidate profile.

Once you complete and submit the application, you may have to go to the store to complete a skills test.

Walgreens careers account sign in or sign up page.


Walgreens Job Roles & Salaries

Here are just a few of the popular job positions that you’re likely to find available at Walgreens. Depending on a few factors, you may also be eligible for benefits that include store discounts, health and life insurance, retirement savings, stock options, and paid time off.


Customer Service Associate

As a customer service associate, you might work at the registers, in the pharmacy, or in the stock room. Wherever you’re placed, you’ll be considered one of the front-line workers who serve as the face of Walgreens to customers and patients. While the rate of pay will vary depending on the minimum wage of the state where the Walgreens store is located and your qualifications, the national average is about $12 per hour.


Inventory Specialist

If you’re interested in products and great with organization, an inventory specialist position might be for you. You will be responsible for moving products from stock to the floor; you’ll also ensure that inventory is in stock and available. Working with front-end leadership, you’ll manage inventory and keep track of product counts. The national average pay is around $17 per hour.


Beauty Consultant

Providing an individualized experience while helping customers look and feel their best is possible when you choose to apply as a beauty consultant. You’ll have access to the latest products, including some that are only available at Walgreens. Use your beauty expertise to give mini makeovers and help customers choose the right products. The average rate of pay is $13 to $14 per hour for a makeup artist or cosmetologist.


Pharmacy Technician/Apprentice

Whether you have experience working as a technician in a pharmacy or wish to get started, Walgreens has plenty of opportunity to learn and grow. Certified employees provide the utmost in care, helping patients and customers feel that their needs are truly being met. If you aren’t certified yet, Walgreens offers a program to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to get certification through an apprenticeship program. Both of these positions have a pay rate of around $16 per hour for the national average.


Walgreens Job Interview Process

If you’re qualified for the position for which you’re applying, you’ll receive a phone call for an interview. The interview typically lasts about 20 minutes. You can expect the interview to be conversational with typical interview questions, such as “Why do you want to work for Walgreens?” and “How do you handle stressful situations?”

Like interviews you may have had with other retailers, the hiring manager wants to determine the type of employee you’ll be and how much you’re willing to put into your job.

However, it’s best to read up on Walgreens’ mission and become familiar with the job duties that are required for the position. Before the interview, think about how your previous work experience relates to the job you want at Walgreens to better sell yourself and prove that you’ll be a good fit for the company.


Walgreens Work Environment & Company Culture

When you decide on a career at Walgreens, you can expect to be immersed in an environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are top priorities. As a top retailer in the health and wellness sector, this company strives to be a part of each community where stores are located across the globe.

Additionally, this commitment to community begins within the workplace. No matter where you come from or where you’re at in life, Walgreens wants you to feel included in the community experience. Programs and initiatives help to ensure the hiring of veterans, disabled persons, and minorities. Employee ideas and concerns are taken seriously so that the company can also learn and grow to better meet the needs of its community and workers.


The Bottom Line

As a leading long-term retailer for pharmacy, health, wellness, and beauty, Walgreens is a popular workplace for those looking for a career in this industry. With more than 9,000 locations across the United States and its territories, when you join this inclusive and diverse company, you can have an impact on your community and your future.

With pay that is competitive with similar retailers across the nation, you may also qualify for additional benefits. Employees note that although the work environment can be challenging, especially when employee shortages occur, the jobs are rewarding with opportunities for growth within the company.

If you choose to apply for a position with Walgreens, fill out an application in the store or complete the process online. Go to the career page, select the position you want, create an account, and fill out the application thoroughly and thoughtfully to increase your chances of landing an interview.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements for a job at Walgreens?

The requirements you’ll need to meet will depend on the specific position for which you’re applying. While Walgreens is known for hiring those without previous work experience for entry-level positions, it can be beneficial to have some related work experience, especially if there are many applicants who are qualified for the position. Most commonly, you’ll need to be able to multitask and have good customer service skills.


How long is a job interview with Walgreens?

As with interviews for any company, the interview time can vary based on the candidate and the position that needs to be filled. Employees have stated that a Walgreens interview can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as an hour. A lot of this can also depend on how conversational you are, the length of your answers to the interviewer’s questions, and whether you have any questions of your own.


What is the minimum age requirement to apply for a job at Walgreens?

For some positions at Walgreens, the minimum age is 16, while for others, you must be 18 years old to apply.


What should I wear during my job interview?

You may be wondering what to wear for your Walgreens interview. It’s always best to dress slightly more formally than you would while you’re working, so you should dress in business casual style for your interview with Walgreens.