Michaels Job Application & Careers | Comprehensive Hiring Guide Inside

The outside front of a Michaels store.

The love for craft and beautiful creations is one of the most important things driving people to apply for Michaels job roles. The company is a popular retail business that constantly hires people across different places. If you’re interested in working with Michaels, start by understanding the company’s values and goals.

Additionally, you should focus on the application process and understand how you can improve your application. Given that the company receives many applications, you need to demonstrate your passion and commitment. We’ll cover all you need to know about the application process in this guide.


Company Overview

Founded: 1973

Founder: Michael J. Dupey

Industry: Retail Stores

Website: michaels.com

Headquarters: 8000 Bent Branch Dr, Irving, TX 75063, United States

Phone Number: 800-642-4235

Company Size: 10,000+ Employees


The Michaels Stores careers page mentions that the company is in business to serve creative customers. With over 50,000 full-time and part-time team members, the company serves millions of customers globally.

The company operates based on the Open to All (OTA) principle guiding nondiscrimination, and many Michaels employees have attested to this. As a diversity-inclusive employer, you can send applications to the company irrespective of your background. What ultimately matters are your skills and experience.


Applying For A Job With Michaels

You might have heard about Michaels and are curious about the application process. The company advertises its job positions regularly, and you can conveniently access them on the website.

If you’re a craft and design lover and wish to pursue a career in this industry, Michaels is one of the places you can consider. But you must know why you want to work there. Here are the things you need to understand to apply for job positions at the company.


— Visit The Michaels Careers Page

A screenshot from the Michaels website's career page.

Start by visiting the company’s careers page. The page welcomes you with a video that briefly describes what goes on in Michaels and the company’s work environment. 

The page also highlights the company’s key values and what Michaels is committed to achieving. This provides you with a backdrop about the company you’re applying to and its career opportunities. At the top of the page, you’ll also find the “search” icon, where you can find the job titles available.


— Search For Open Positions

A screenshot from the Michaels website's career page.

You can search jobs easily by clicking the “search” icon to find open positions. This will display all the positions for which the company is currently hiring. Before proceeding with a job opening, it’s important to read the job description. The details of the job and its requirement will be attached.

Understanding the job requirements will allow you to decide whether you should proceed. This will also inform you on how best to tailor your resume to stand out among other candidates. Smart job seekers don’t submit generic resumes for all roles. Instead, they rewrite their resumes to reflect the needs of the position they are applying for.


— Create Account & Complete Application Form

A screenshot from the Michaels website's career page.

The system will prompt you to create an account through which you’ll complete your application form. The application form is designed to collect your details and some important information concerning why the company should hire you or give you a job interview.

It’s important to know that your application form will determine whether you witness the interview process. Therefore, it’s crucial to fill it out carefully and put a lot of thought into your answers.


Michaels Roles & Salaries

The inside of a Michaels store.

Various job opportunities come up for applications at Michaels. Once you create an account, you should set your notifications and alerts to ensure you don’t miss out on any job details. Here are some of the popular roles at the company and their salary scale.


— Stocker

As a stocker at Michaels, you’ll be responsible for unloading trucks and performing some merchandising duties. You’ll also interact and help customers make informed choices on products. If you’re working in this role, you’re expected to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The expected pay scale is about $15 per hour.

Other roles with similar pay include store associates, sales associates, customer framer, and customer experience managers. The store manager role, however, attracts a much higher pay. You can expect to earn about $67,000 working in this role.


— Cashier

You can work as a cashier at any of the Michaels stores close to you. Your tasks in this role are straightforward. You’ll fill out the register and also ensure you keep adequate records of purchases. The typical pay of a cashier at Michaels is somewhere between $8 and $22 per hour.


— Framing Department Manager

The framing department manager ensures the Framing Department is profitable and meets its target metrics. The manager also ensures the execution of Michaels’ framing programs. If you’re working in this role, you’ll require great communication skills, as you’ll be interacting with the company’s customers.

The expected pay scale is between $12 and $24.


— Frame Associate

You can work in this role as a part-time employee. The job responsibilities here include assisting customers in meeting their framing and design needs. The associate also works with the customer through the assembling stages of the frame pieces. You can also serve as a custom framer for customers who desire such. Working in this role can earn you about $14 per hour.


— Data Science Analyst

If you have experience in data science and numbers, you might want to consider a role as a data scientist at the company. The role involves building models to assess the company’s trajectory and projections. The data scientist works with data to evaluate the company’s more than 1200 stores globally.

This is a high-paying role at Michaels, as the data scientist earns about $107,00 yearly.


— Talent Management

You can apply to work at the talent management department of Michaels. Responsibilities here include sourcing talents and also devising strategies to maintain these talents and help them scale.


Michael’s Work Environment & Company Culture

Michaels fosters a great work environment for its employees. The company has an ‘Open To All’ principle through which it welcomes all persons in the workplace. The company is also diverse, with employees from different parts of life. 

According to the company’s careers page, there’s a focus on accountability and constantly making the company better. The company also devises initiatives that improve the work experience.

Furthermore, the company also creates a fun and cheerful environment for the employees to reflect the nature of the industry in which it operates.

If you enjoy working in a relaxed environment that supports creativity, you might consider applying to Michaels. Employees mention that there’s a great communication channel in the workplace and team members are friendly towards one another.

Working at Michaels grants you some benefits aside from the salary. This includes company store discounts on some purchases. Employees also enjoy 401 (k) plans and paid holidays. The company also provides life and disability insurance. Other benefits include:


  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid sick leave
  • Casual dress


Overall, the company’s work environment is great. When contemplating sending an application, factor in the benefits alongside the pay scale.


The Bottom Line

Michaels is a popular company in the retail industry with more than 50,000 followers and over 1,200 stores. The company fosters a great working environment for its employees and makes room for creativity. If this feels like an environment you enjoy, you might highlight the company as one of the places to send an application.

Before applying, ensure you understand the application process. You should visit the careers page, create an account, and complete your application form. It’s important to fill this form with care, as it determines whether you reach the interview stage. You should also read the job description carefully and connect your experience to the company’s needs accordingly.

Employees note that working at the company is great. This is perhaps due to the environment, benefits, and of course, pay scale. This guide has covered all the relevant parts of applying to Michaels for a job.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications for a job at Michaels?

You don’t require much to get started at Michaels. First, you’re only eligible to apply for jobs at the company if you’re 18 years and above. Otherwise, you’ll not be considered for any role. Additionally, the company generally prioritizes candidates with a deep interest in retail, crafts, and art. Therefore, if you’re looking to apply to the company, you should tailor your resume to reflect these personal interests.

Furthermore, your availability might also be an important factor. You should mention details about the extent of your availability. For instance, you can’t have a part-time availability for a full-time role. Also, prospective members should note that the company is interested in people who love customer service. Most of the roles require interacting with customers. Therefore, you must have great communication and people skills.

Once you tick these boxes, you can send an application to the company. Of course, you should note your relevant experience to the role you’re applying for, improving your hiring chances.


What skills does Michaels look for?

Generally, Michaels loves candidates interested in crafts, sales, arts, and customer service. The company tends to hire individuals with a positive attitude. Therefore, when applying to the company, you should make these values pronounced in your application.

The company loves to hire confident and personable candidates. As a job applicant, you should understand the importance of making yourself the right candidate. As such, show these skills in your application and connect them to the role. Establish how these skills will help you function adequately in the job position.

During the hiring process, it’s important to learn the key interview hacks. You must maintain great eye contact and display professionalism all through. Great candidates also dress well and ask questions after their interviews. Asking your interviewer’s questions, however, requires some care. Ensure you carefully research the question you ask. It’s important to ask questions that add value to the conversation and get the recruiters talking. Doing all these helps the company understand why they should hire you.


What is the salary for an entry-level job at Michaels?

The pay scale at Michaels ranges from an annual salary of about $20,000 to over $150,000. Of course, your salary depends on your role. Therefore, if you aim to build a career at Michaels, you must be ready to play the long-term game. At the entry-level, your salary might not be huge. However, as you develop your skills and spend more time with the company, you qualify for more senior roles. These roles attract higher salaries.

It’s also notable that the company offers numerous benefits. Therefore, you should consider these benefits in line with the pay when contemplating life at Michaels. Some of these benefits include flexible schedules and paid holidays. This structure affords you more time to do things you enjoy. These are crucial factors to contemplate in every job, especially if you don’t want a job that consumes all your time.


What benefits does Michaels provide to its employees?

One of the notable benefits of working at Michaels is that you can dress casually. The work environment is for creatives, and, consequently, the structure reflects that. It’s not a corporate structure where you must suit up or come to work in heels.

Furthermore, the company offers its full-time employees benefits such as life insurance, paid holidays and sick leave, 401 (k) plans, and flexible schedules. Employees also mention that the company is a great place for career advancement. If you’re a lover of arts and crafts looking to work at Michaels, you can conveniently estimate your career projection.

Additionally, the company defines its benefit pension plan and contribution plan. This clarity offers all employees great insights into what they can expect from the company. Consequently, they can conveniently structure their retirement plans.