Meijer Job Application & Careers | (Apply Now Inside)

Meijer retail location storefront, sign, and parking lot.

When Hendrik Meijer founded the Meijer retail company, he wanted to build a leading grocery business. Today, the company is one of the top brands in the retail industry, with more than 200 Meijer stores across the US. Meijer is reputed as being one of the first companies to unlock the self-service shopping aspect of the retail business.

If you find the company’s offerings interesting and are interested in building a career in the retail industry, Meijer is one of the companies you might want to consider. We have prepared this guide to take you through the application process, salary structure, acing your interview, and understanding the work culture at Meijer.


Company Overview

Founded: 1934

Founder: Hendrik Meijer

Industry: Retail


Headquarters: 2929 Walker Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544, United States

Phone Number: 616-453-6711

Company Size: 10,000+ Employees


Established during the great depression, Meijer has been in the grocery business for numerous years. The company was one of the 2013 Forbes top 20 companies. It also utilizes different features to optimize the shopping experience for its customers. From the department store concept to the grocery store idea, the retail chain is considered one of the frontiers in its sector.

The chain is open for business 24/7 and has an employment age requirement of 16 years old. Given the size of the retail chain, there are often many job openings at the company. Interested candidates should constantly look out for employment opportunities as the company advertises both its part-time and full-time positions on its website.


Applying For A Career With Meijer

Meijer has a structured online application process. The process is designed to eliminate some candidates and help the hiring managers determine the job seekers that will make it to the interview stage. Below are the steps involved.


— Visit The Meijer Jobs Page

Meijer careers landing page.

Start by visiting the Meijer careers page. The page has a simple user interface and contains relevant information about the company. It also contains the job search icon, which you have to click to proceed to the next step.


— Search For Open Retail/Distribution Positions

Meijer open retail positions landing page.

Once you click on the search icon, you’ll see a text box to enter your desired job title. The search section allows you to narrow down the jobs you want. You can search for the keywords in these job titles, such as “cashier,” “retail supervisor,” and “store manager,” among others.

Following this, the system will present you with various job openings that match your search. Then you’ll view each of these and carefully read their job descriptions. Understand that it’s important to pay attention to the details. These little things will make notable differences among candidates’ applications.

Once you understand a job’s requirements, you can conveniently position yourself as a suitable candidate who possesses the skills and qualifications required. You should also prepare your resume in line with these requirements. Suppose a job description states that a suitable candidate should have great people and communication skills; it becomes essential that you mention these skills in your application.


— Complete Digital Application Form

Meijer digital application form landing page.

Before you complete your form, you’ll first have to create an account. After creating your account, you can complete the form and provide all the relevant details. Following this, attach your resume to the application.

Ensure you review your application before submitting it. This affords you the time to make final corrections.

Generally, it takes about three weeks to hear from the company’s human resources department. If your application is successful, you should get a notification for your interview stage. This can either be a phone or in-person interview. For the former, ensure you’re ready for the phone interview questions.


Meijer Roles & Salaries

Meijer is considered a hypermarket chain, meaning the brand takes a comprehensive approach to the shopping experience it provides. It operates department stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies. Consequently, the chain often has a need for many employees. So, job positions are almost always available in technical, administrative, and managerial roles.


— Bakery/Deli Clerk

The bakery clerk has a responsibility to ensure clients’ satisfaction. As a bakery clerk, you’ll need to assist customers with any issues they may have. Your tasks also include the maintenance of product displays, product safety, and stocking. The expected pay is about $13.3 per hour.


— Production Team Member

 As a team member in this department, you’re tasked with the preparation of food and all other processes involved. These include mixing, handling, and sanitation. You’ll also have to work with other team members and possess crucial skills to work under high-volume demands. The pay for this role ranges between $9 and $16 per hour.


— Cashier

The cashier must understand bookkeeping, basic mathematics, and cash flow. As a candidate applying for this role, expect to work with customers a lot. You’ll also work with accounts and must be highly accountable. You should also understand the pricing of products. The typical pay for this role ranges between $7 and $17 per hour.


— General Warehouse Labor

This is a role that requires due diligence. You’ll be responsible for high-quality and super-sensitive products. Your tasks also include dealing with paperwork and operating industrial trucks. You should also expect to work on other labor tasks that might be required in the course of production. The pay scale for this role is between $11 and $23 per hour.


— Quality Technician

A company such as Meijer has high regard for quality assurance. The technician performs quality tests and safety checks on facilities and machines. As an employee in this role, you’ll need to understand safe processes and practices, routine checks, weights, and compliance. You must be able to ensure processes are performed according to protocols. The salary for this role is about $37,791 annually.

Other positions at the company include stocking clerk, food clerk, general merchandise clerk, bagger, manager (team leader), and gas station team member.


Meijer Job Interview Process

Meijer is a company that values excellence. You can imagine that this will be one of the core features recruiters will look for in candidates. If you make it to the interview stage, you should prepare to answer questions that prove your competence.

Before your interview, you should read more about the role you’re applying for. At the interview stage, the hiring managers have already read your application and your resume. They’ve decided you deserve an interview. Now it’s left to you to convince them. Therefore, you should speak about your skills and how you’ll leverage them to deliver your tasks.

If you also have relevant experience, it’s important to show your interviewers how this experience matters. Every company has some values they cherish. It’s your job during the interview session to speak to these values.

Furthermore, the company would want to know why you’re applying to work with them. You must prepare thoughtful answers to questions of this nature. You must also have questions for your interviewers. This is how you show that you’re curious and well-prepared.

Finally, make sure you understand what to wear and be yourself. An interview is an opportunity to sell yourself to the recruiters as the right candidate. Do all you need to achieve that.


Meijer Work Environment & Company Culture

Checkout registers at a Meijer department store.

Before accepting a job offer, it’s important to learn about a company’s work culture. Meijer works to build a culture of outstanding performance. The company has demonstrated this in its numerous recognitions and awards.

Meijer provides employees with paid training and some assistance to make their work easier. Employees also enjoy discounts on some purchases. Some notable benefits include:

  • Medical and dental care coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Disability protection
  • 401 (k) retirement plans
  • Full-time employees may also enjoy paid time off (PTO)
  • Vacation and paid holidays

The brand has a fast-paced work environment. If you love a workplace where things are always happening and moving, this might be one of the companies to look out for.

The company also donates 6% of its profit to different charities annually. This is one of the ways it supports community development.


Improving Your Chances During Your Interview

One of the ways you can improve your chances is by actually visiting the physical store. There are different stores across many states, including Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, and more. The goal here is to have a one-on-one with the hiring manager before your interview. This might improve your chances, as you have some familiarity with the manager already.

Furthermore, you should study people who have worked in the role you’re applying for. One thing you can do for yourself during an interview is to speak about career progression. Hiring managers want to hear from candidates who see their place of work as a growth catalyst. Therefore, if you can find out how previous employees have progressed, you can speak about that knowledgeably.

You can also improve your chances by preparing to answer relevant questions on your resume, especially for managerial roles. Recruiters want to understand how your experience matters to the new role. Therefore, you have to establish how this experience will positively impact your deliverables in this new job you’re looking to secure.

Finally, have a positive attitude and make the interview interactive. Sometimes, it’s not your technical knowledge that wins you an interview but your attitude.


The Bottom Line

Meijer has a long history of innovation and spearheading new ideas in the grocery retail market. If you’re interested in a place with a notable level of discipline and excellent output, this is one of the places up for consideration. The company offers different benefits to ensure its workers live healthier lives and have a fulfilling life.

In this guide, we’ve discussed all you need to know to make an informed decision. We have taken you through the application process, life at Meijer, how to ace your interview, potential salary, and further tips to boost your chances. With all these, you’re definitely good to go.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a resume to apply to Meijer?

Not necessarily. Most entry-level positions, especially for 16-year-olds, do not require resumes. These roles require no technical experience. Job applicants only need the right attitude to work and the readiness to learn. Successful candidates will receive the training they require to carry out their tasks.

The positions that require resumes are those where candidates require some experience. Such positions are often management positions. Here, you’ll need to have worked somewhere prior to your application. You must have also garnered relevant experience while at your previous job.


How old do you have to be to be a greeter at Meijer?

Although some positions at Meijer are open to 16-year-olds, you must be at least 18 years of age to be a greeter. This is perhaps because the role requires great people skills. A greeter stays at entry/exit doors and welcomes customers warmly into the store. An individual in this role will also be responsible for cautioning team members to deter inappropriate behavior.

Nonetheless, the company’s policy is that greeters must meet the 18 years minimum age requirement. Therefore, if you’re under 18, you should consider other available jobs.


Does Meijer do background checks?

The Meijer application form states that the company does a background check. Generally, most companies do background checks. However, the degree of its seriousness differs. For instance, Meijer’s background check, especially for entry-level positions, might simply be to determine whether you’re of legal age.

Therefore, you likely don’t have much to fear concerning background checks. Nonetheless, you should inform your hiring manager of anything serious during your interview. It’s preferable to play on the safe side and be honest right from the start.


Do Meijer employees get discounts?

Yes. Meijer employees enjoy discounts on some of their purchases. These employee discounts are designed to incentivize employees to continue working and enjoying it. The company also offers other benefits for its full-time employees. Some of these include medical and dental care coverage, 401 (k) retirement plans, pension plans, training, and uniform assistance. You should also have a flexible schedule, especially if you’re working part-time.

Besides your salary, these benefits can be the other reasons to consider working at the company. You should also assess these benefits in comparison with other similar companies in the sector. This gives you an insight into whether Meijer is in-line with, or beats, industry standards. It also allows you to make a knowledgeable decision about the quality of your choice.