Tyson Foods Job Application & Careers | (Apply Inside!)

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Tyson Foods is an American-based multinational food production company that specializes in supplying protein. The company produces 20% of the beef, pork, and chicken consumed in the United States, making it one of the largest producers in the world. The Springdale-based company operates several subsidiaries and had a revenue of $47 billion in 2021, making it a major employer. It’s easy to see why anyone would be interested in working for Tyson Foods.

Adding a job at Tyson Foods to your work experience will broaden your horizons and elevate your CV. However, the application process may seem confusing, especially if you have never applied to a large corporation before.

So, if you are considering landing a job at Tyson Foods, we will discuss the careers available and the job application process. We will also share hiring guides and the interview process. Also, we will include tips to get you hired among several other applicants.


Company Overview

Founded: 1935

Founder: John W. Tyson

Industry: Food & Beverage Manufacturing 

Website: tysonfoods.com

Headquarters: 2200 W. Don Tyson Parkway Springdale, AR 72762, Arkansas, United States

Phone Number: 479-290-4000

Company Size: 10,000+ Employees


For anyone applying for a job at a company, the first thing to do is get familiar with the company. Having some basic information can help you determine whether the company is the right fit for you and also help you gain an advantage over other applicants during your interview.

Tyson Foods is a protein-based American multinational company in the food industry. It is the world’s second-largest processor of meat and cultured meat. The company operates major food brands like Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Wright Brand, and Aidells.

The company provides proteins such as chicken, beef, and pork to government establishments, restaurants, schools, companies, and international customers. Tyson Foods has about 14 beef facilities, 7 pork facilities, 186 chicken facilities, 34 prepared food facilities, and two research and development centers. It sells prepared foods through all the major distribution channels available. The company also entered the plant protein industry in 2019.


Applying For a Job With Tyson Foods 

Each company has its own unique application process, and a large company like Tyson Foods is no different. Therefore, the first thing to do if you are interested in working for Tyson Foods is to get familiar with the application process. Like most companies in recent times, Tyson Foods employs people through the official application portal on its website. Here’s how to apply.


— Visit The Tyson Foods Careers Portal

Tyson Foods career portal landing page.

Once you land on the company’s page, search for the Careers icon in the top right. The company categorizes the job opportunities into production, technology, drivers, and Internships. However, if you are not sure what you are looking for or want to explore with an open mind, you can click on search all job openings.


— Search For Available Job Openings

Tyson Foods available job openings landing page.

The Careers Page is very easy to navigate. You can filter your search by state, city, Full/ Part-Time, Job Category, and Job Type to get precise results. The jobs are also listed by date, making your job search easier.

Ensure you read the job details for the job description, and check whether or not it requires travel and supervision, work shifts, and whether relocation assistance is provided. They specify whether the roles are for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift.


— Create Company Profile & Complete Digital Application Form

Tyson Foods company career profile creation.

The next thing to do is click on Apply Now. You have the option to auto-fill your resume or apply manually. If you have previously applied, you can simply log into your account to reuse it. You must create an account and fill out the form for the first two options. The form has about six stages, including a short assessment at the end.

Once you complete your application, you should carefully review and submit it.


Tyson Foods Careers & Salaries

Tyson Foods has job postings under Production, Technology, and Driving. Most roles have full and part-time options. In addition, most roles have a minimum high school diploma or GED requirement, but internship options are also available.


— General Production Manager

The General Production Manager monitors and directs supervisors across production departments and ensures attendance, discipline, and motivation. In addition, they are in charge of all areas of staff welfare and productivity.

The role requires at least a year’s work experience, familiarity with meat processing operations, and basic computer skills. Manager salaries can range from $75,079 – $109,643 per year, but the average pay for this role is $89, 293 which is higher than the average in the industry.


— Compensation Lead

A compensation Lead at Tyson Foods monitors and applies reward policies. They also ensure that the teams adhere to company policies, monitor integrity quality assurance standards, enforce general labor rules and oversee compensation processes.

The role requires a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or a related field, and this role requires about six years of experience. The average salary for Lead roles at Tyson Foods is  $31,026 – $41,341 per year.


— Maintenance Mechanic Technician

A maintenance mechanic technician is in charge of troubleshooting, diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing plant equipment and plant support equipment such as mixers, chillers, coolers, surveyors, palletizers, etc. This role requires one year of experience, basic math skills, and the ability to work with programmable logic controllers (PCLs). A maintenance technician is expected to work 8-12 hours, and the pay is between $24-$29 per hour in the United States.

There are several other popular roles such as accountant, machine operator, production worker, truck driver, maintenance generalist, production laborer, etc.


Tyson Foods Job Interview Process

If you successfully pass the application process, you can expect to hear back from Tyson Foods within a week. According to Glassdoor, the process from application to hire can take about 20 days. The process itself differs depending on the role.

For most roles, there are two interviews. The first is usually a phone interview for basic questions, while the second may be a Zoom call, which can be a one-on-one or group panel interview.

It may also be in-person. The questions are general and aligned with the role you are applying for. If you apply for certain roles, you may have to undergo additional processes like drug tests, IQ tests, skills tests, background checks, and presentations. The questions are “easy and self-explanatory,” although you may also be asked technical questions for certain job titles.

You should read about the role and pay attention to how you dress for the interview.

Tyson Foods Work Environment & Company Culture

Perks and pay are generally deemed high, but the company’s outlook and leadership score are average compared to similar-sized companies.

Most employees believe it’s a positive environment to work in, although many say the work is hard and long. Some report up to 12 hours of work with few breaks. Others have problems with poor communication among team members and between leadership and the frontline.

However, the company has a diverse team and offers several work benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance, telehealth services, FSA and HSA, 401k, discount programs, and stock purchase plans. Tyson Foods also holds happy hours, mental health care help, reward programs, and employee team bonding sessions. Also, there’s flexible time off and, in some positions, paid vacation.

The company has Business Resource Groups to support inclusion and equity. Some of them are African Ancestry Alliance, Asians & Allies, Pride Network, Latinx, and enABLE.


Next Steps After Applying For A Job Interview

The process is easy after you have filled out your application form. But, first you should familiarize yourself with the background check and drug testing processes.

You should also practice popular interview questions, especially when applying for technical roles. Some questions you can expect to be asked are:

  • Do you mind working in the cold?
  • Can you work under pressure?
  • Do you know how to operate an “XYZ” machine?
  • What hours can you work?

After your interview, you can ask the recruiters about the next steps and how to contact the company, so you can check in if you are not contacted within a reasonable amount of time. You should also write down anything you were told during the interview that you want to remember, such as point policies, etc. In addition, you should connect with the company on social media so you are updated on any news.

You can also check out how to accept a job offer to prepare yourself ahead of time.


The Bottom Line

Tyson Foods is the second-largest food processing company in the United States, and with almost a century of experience, you need to be adequately prepared to beat the odds. 

The company generally pays well, although the tasks may be demanding. You can also expect several work benefits, including insurance, bonuses, and a 401(k).

We have discussed the company’s general information and looked at the application process. Ensure you stay updated with any changes the company may have made before your interview, especially if you are applying for a formal role. You should also ask questions during your interview to show passion and motivation for the job.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement for a Tyson Foods job?

The minimum age requirement at Tyson is 18, so if you are under 18, you won’t be able to apply for a job at the company. However, if you are 17+ and your birthday is in a few months, you can submit an application for a part-time role.

If you are 18-years-old and still in high school, you may not be able to land a full-time role. In this case, you can apply to work part-time 20+ hours a week on day shifts, but it would be challenging to get a night shift job.


What is Tyson Foods known for?

Tyson Foods is best known for its processed chicken, beef, and pork. The company specializes in cultured meat and meat products, and if you are in America and eat any of these things, you have most likely eaten a Tyson Foods product. At least one in five pounds of chicken, beef, and pork produced in the United States is supplied by this protein-centric company.

Tyson Foods also produces several processed foods under the Tyson, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farms, BallPark, Wright, Aidells, and State Fair labels. The company’s products include breaded chicken, Any’tizers® Snacks, grilled chicken, meal kits, fresh chicken, frozen chicken, and chicken sausage. Some popular food brands that get their chicken supplies from Tyson Foods are KFC, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Wal-Mart, Kroger, IGA, etc.


Is it difficult to get hired by Tyson Foods?

Generally, it’s not difficult to get hired at Tyson Foods. The interview is not the easiest, but you can expect to do well with adequate preparation. The interview doesn’t take on one particular format, so it’s hard to predict what will be expected of you.

The company has a 67.0% interview success rate on Glassdoor, with users giving it a difficulty rating score of 2.42 out of 5. Interns and production supervisors experienced the most difficulty getting hired, while production and packer roles were easier.

The interview can either be a video call, a phone call, a one-on-one or a group panel interview. They may also conduct background checks, drug tests, personality tests, and IQ tests, depending on what role you are applying for.


Are Tyson Foods interns paid?

Yes, Tyson Foods interns are paid. The average hourly intern employee rate on Indeed is $14.97 per hour. The highest-paid intern rate per hour is $19.14. This brings it to $34,674 per year for hourly interns, while full interns average $42,171 per year.

This is seven percent above the national average, and the pay competes with the pay for other entry-level roles. Interns enjoy good mentorship support, happy hours, and free lunches. The intern yearly average is not always the lowest pay at the company, and you can only be employed if you are 18 and above.