PacSun Job Application & Careers

Search for both corporate and in-store/retail jobs online by visiting the careers site. The PacSun job application can be filled out online (and some stores also accept applications in-person). The instructional guide in the section below details how to use the PacSun website to find jobs in your area.

Apply Online

Step 1 – Go to the main careers page (

Step 2 – Select which type of job you want to search for (retail or corporate).


Step 3 – Enter a job title/keyword/location into the search form and then click the arrow button (outlined below) to load the results.


Step 4 – Read the job description/requirements. When you’re ready to begin the online application press the “Apply” button.


Step 5 – Log in to your account, or press the “New User” tab to create a new one.


Step 6 – Fill in your email address/password and then click the arrow button.

Step 7 – Enter the following details into the “Contact Information” form:

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • County
  • ZIP code
  • Primary phone
  • Alternate phone


Step 8 – Select Source:

  • Select how you heard about the company/job opportunity


Step 9 – Documents:

  • Upload your resume/cover letter.

Note: This section is optional.


Step 10 – Equal Employment Opportunity Information – Submit the following:

  • If you’re Hispanic/Latino
  • If you’re White/Black/Asian
  • Voluntary self-identification of gender
  • Voluntary self-identify as a protected veteran


Step 11 – Electronic Signature Disclaimer:

  • Agree to the terms/disclaimer.

Step 12 – Agree to the Data Protection Statement.

Step 13 – Application Form – Submit the following details:

  • Personal information
  • General information
  • Education history
  • References


Step 14 – Confirm and submit the application.