Pollo Tropical Job Application & Careers

The Pollo Tropical job application can be filled out and submitted online via the company’s careers website. Use the links posted on this page to go directly to the careers/employment page. Refer to the how-to guide in the below section to learn more about the company’s online hiring process. Corporate, management, and restaurant positions can all be applied for online.

  • About the Company: Pollo Tropical is an American chain of Caribbean-themed restaurants based out of Kendall, Florida. The company has more than 150 locations throughout the Southern United States (as well as numerous Central American/Caribbean countries).

Apply Online

Step 1 – Use the following URL to open the company’s careers page in a new tab/window:

  • http://pollotropical.com/careers/

Step 2 – Click the “Job Postings” link (outlined in red below).


Step 3 – Click the “Apply” button of the specific job type that you want to submit an application for (i.e. management, team member, corporate).

  • Note: These instructions detail the online hiring process for team member jobs.


Step 4 – Fill in the following details into the form:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Home phone number
  • Other phone number
  • Email address
  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?
  • What primary position are you applying for?
  • Please select the restaurant you’d like to work at (choose from the pop-up map)
  • Please select the restaurant you’d like to work at
  • Please select an alternate restaurant you’d like to work at
  • How did you hear about us?


Step 5 – Click the “Next” button to go to the next step of the process.

Step 6 – Education and Experience:

  • Do you have your high-school diploma/GED?
  • Do you have a college degree?
  • Do you have any work experience?
  • Do you have any other experience?


Step 7 – Complete the final section of the form and then submit your application.