Marshalls Job Application & Careers

Use the Marshalls job application to apply for current openings in your area. There are more than 950 locations throughout the United States and over 30 in Canada. The company is the second-largest “off-price” department store in America. Use the guide posted below to learn how to find and apply for a job near your location.

Apply Online

Step 1 – Marshalls is owned by TXJ. Therefore in order to search/apply for jobs online you must go to the TJX careers page.

Step 2 – Scroll down the page and click the “Marshalls” link under your preferred job category (brands/hourly positions/distribution centers).


Step 3 – Fill in your ZIP code into the search bar and then hit the “Go” button.


Step 4 – Click on the job that you’re interested in applying for.


Step 5 – Review the job description and then click the “Apply for a job” tab (outlined below).


Step 6 – Press the “Click here” link to download the .PDF application form. Print it out, and then follow the instructions posted in the section below to fill it out.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the .PDF via the links on this page.

Step 2 – The form can be completed digitally, or by printing it out and filling it in.

Step 3 – Personal Date – Enter the following details into this section:

  • Full name
  • Current contact
  • Current address
  • Previous address
  • Referred by

Step 4 – Enter if you’ve ever applied for, or worked for, a TJX company.

Step 5 – Answer whether or not you know anybody who currently works for a TJX company.

Step 6 – Answer yes/no to the following:

  • If you’re over 18 years old
  • If you can legally work in the U.S.
  • If you will require sponsorship in order to stay in the country

Step 7 – Desired Employment:

  • Submit the position you are applying for
  • Enter the date you are available to begin employment
  • Fill in the total number of hours per week you are able to work
  • Enter your hourly availability

Step 8 – Experience – Fill in your employment history details.

Step 9 – Security:

  • Answer whether or not you’ve ever stolen from an employer.

Step 10 – Education – Provide your education history.

Step 11 – Skills/Qualifications:

  • Select any relevant skills from the available options.

Step 12 – Professional References – Enter the details of any professional references you may have.

Step 13 – Sign the application.