Long John Silver’s Job Application & Careers

Download the official Long John Silver’s job application via the links posted on this page. The online application can also be accessed by visiting the company’s main careers page (see the guide posted below for more details). In-restaurant positions can be applied for using both types of applications, however, management positions must be applied for online.

About the Company: Long John Silver’s is an American chain of fast-food restaurants based out of Louisville, Kentucky. The chain has over 1,000 locations throughout the world and employs more than 8,400 people. The company was created in 1969, in Lexington, Kentucky.

Apply Online

Step 1 – The company’s main job search page can be accessed by clicking on this link (opens in a new tab/window).

Step 2 – Select the following from the drop-down lists near the top of the page:

  • Career category
  • State/province/region
  • City
  • And
  • Enter a keyword/job number

Step 3 – Click the link of the job title that you’re interested in to move to the next section.


Step 4 – Read the job description to learn more about the position’s requirements, responsibilities, etc. Click the button as outlined in the below screenshot to go to the next step of the process.


Step 5 – Click the “Start Here” button.

Step 6 – Contact Information – Fill in the following details:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Street
  • Street line 2
  • City
  • State/province
  • Zip/postal code
  • Country
  • Email address
  • How did you find us? (select from drop-down list)
  • Login phone number
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Send text updates? (yes or no)


Step 7 – Complete the following remaining sections in order to complete the online hiring process:

  • Profile
  • Schedule
  • Education information
  • Employment
  • References

Step 8 – After all of the sections have you been completed you will be able to submit your online application.

  • Note: Applications typically take around 3-10 business days to be reviewed by a hiring manager.