Wienerschnitzel Job Application & Careers

Use the various link posted on this page to access the official Wienerschnitzel job application online. Numerous types of careers can be applied for by downloading the application, filling it out, and submitting it at a location in your area. Learn more about how to fill out and submit the application form by following the steps in the section posted below. Because the company’s locations are all independently owned/operated, there is currently no online application process. If you want to apply for an open position you must do so in person.

  • About the Company: Wienerschnitzel is an American fast food chain based out of Irvine, California. The company was founded in 1961, and currently has over 350 lcoations across the United States (primarily on the West Coast). 

How to Write

Step 1 – Download the company’s official application form by pressing the button/link near the top of this page. The form will download in .PDF format.

Step 2 – Once the form has been downloaded, either print it out or open it with a .PDF editing program. If you print it out you will need to fill it in by hand.

Step 3 – On the first page of the document enter the following details into the corresponding input fields:

  • Full date (in the upper right corner)
  • Full name
  • Position applying for
  • Full street address
  • Zip/postal code
  • Phone number
  • Social security number
  • If under 18, can you furnish a work permit?
  • Are you legally eligible for employment in this country
  • Have you filed an application here before?
  • Summarize any special skills and qualifications acquired from employment or other experiences
  • Availability information
  • Total weekly hours desired

Step 4 – On the second page of the form provide the following information:

  • Employment history details
  • References (not employer or relative)
  • Education information
  • AND
  • Sign your name
  • Enter the date

Step 5 – Take the completed application to the location that you want to apply to.