State Farm Job Application & Careers

The online State Farm job application is available via the company’s careers page. Follow the links posted on this page (near the top of the page/in the instructional guide) to go to the company’s employment page. When you open the company’s employment portal you will be able to search for current job openings, register for an online account, and fill out/submit applications for any job openings that you want to apply for.

  • About the Company: State Farm is an American insurance company headquartered out of Bloomington, Illinois. The company was founded in 1922 and employs over 30,000 people. State Farm has over 300 locations throughout the United States (as well as more than 30 support centers).

Apply Online

Step 1 – Start the online job search process by going to the company’s careers page. Click here to load the page in a new tab/window.

Step 2 – Click the “Become an Employee” link to go to the main job search page.

  • Note: If you’re interested in becoming an agent press the “Become an Agent” link/button.

Step 3 – Click the “Go” button as outlined in red in the screenshot posted below.

Step 4 – Scroll down the page until you arrive at the search form. Complete the form by entering the following details and then click the “Search” button to load the results:

  • Keyword
  • Employment type
  • Location

Step 5 – Click the title/link of the specific position that you want to start the online application process for.

Step 6 – Review the following subsections on the page to learn more about the position:

  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Additional details
  • Preferred background and experience

Step 7 – Press one of the “Apply” buttons.

Step 8 – Click the “Create a new login” link below the login form to go to the account creation page.

Step 9 – Create a Profile – Submit the following details into the registration form and then press the “Create Profile” button.

Step 10 – Fill out/submit the application.