NDB Bank Job Application & Careers

The guide on this page details how to access, fill out, and submit the NDB Bank job application (online version for the National Development Bank of Sri Lanka). Numerous types of careers can be searched/applied for including both executive and non-executive positions. Learn more about the bank’s online hiring process by following the steps in the below instructions.

  • About the Company: NDB Bank is a bank/financial services company located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The bank was founded in 1979 and is currently the main development bank for the country of Sri Lanka. Development banks are financial institutions created to provide financing services for the development of a nation/country.

Apply Online

Step 1 – Copy and paste the following link into a new tab/window within your web browser. Open the page and then click the “Develop Your Career” link to go to learn more about the different types of positions the organization offers.

  • http://www.ndbbank.com/pages/english/careers/careers.jsp

Step 2 – Go back to the main page and then click the “Join Your Group” link.


Step 3 – Select which group you’re interested in applying to (i.e. securities, wealth management, capital holdings, etc.).

  • Note: Each group may have a different online hiring process.


Step 4 – For example, NDB Capital’s online hiring process requires that you submit your resume/cover letter directly to the Human Resources department by emailing the required documents to the posted email address ([email protected]).

  • Note: Other groups may have different online application/resume submission processes. Not all groups follow the same procedures, and not all groups always have job openings.