Jack’s Job Application & Careers

Search and apply for jobs online by going to the company’s main career opportunities page. The Jack’s job application can be filled out entirely online (via the company’s employment site). The guide posted below details how to search for current openings, make an online profile, and fill out/submit an application. Hourly, as well as management positions, can be searched/applied for.

  • About the Company: Jack’s is an American fast-food restaurant based out of Homewood, Alabama. The company was formed in 1960 and operates numerous locations throughout the Southeastern United States.

Apply Online

Step 1 Click here to open the Jack’s careers page in a new browser window.

Step 2 – Scroll down the page and then click the link that specifies which type of career you’re interested in (i.e. hourly or management).

  • Note: The remaining portion of this guide details the online application process for hourly positions.

Step 3 – In the “Basic Information” section of the form submit the following details into the appropriate input fields:

  • Location (select from the drop-down menu)
  • Shift (select from the drop-down list)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Social security number
  • Re-enter social security number
  • Phone number
  • Zip code
  • Email address
  • AND
  • Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the form to move to the next section

Step 4 – Press the “Start” button to begin the “telescreen interview.” Answer each question by selecting “yes” or “no.” Each question must be answered before you will be able to move to the next/final step of the process. Complete the “End Pre-Employment Interview” section/step.

Step 5 – Submit your application.

  • Note: It usually takes around 3-10 business days for newly submitted applications to be reviewed/processed by a hiring manager.