Cedar Point Job Application & Careers

Use the links posted on this page to access the Cedar Point job application. The company’s online jobs site can be used to search/apply for numerous job types including seasonal, live entertainment, year-round, and several other types of positions.

  • About the Company: Cedar Point is a water park located in Sandusky, Ohio. The park is owned/operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. The company was formed in 1983 and owns/operates a total of 13 entertainment parks throughout the United States and Canada.

Apply Online

Step 1 – Load the company’s main jobs site by clicking on this link.

Step 2 – Once on the main jobs site, scroll through the job types by clicking the arrows as shown in the screenshot.


Step 3 – Click the job type that you’re interested in applying for (e.g. year-round jobs, summer, live entertainment, etc.).

Step 4 – Click on the tab of one of the available positions to learn more about that specific job.


Step 5 – Review the following subsections to gain a more thorough understanding of the position you’re interested in:

  • Job function summary
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Essential duties and responsibilities
  • How to apply


Step 6 – Most positions can be applied for by submitting your resume to the email posted in the job description ([email protected]).

  • Note: Your resume can also be faxed to (419-627-2163), or you may mail your resume to the address posted on the job description page. If you’re in the area and want to complete an application in person go to the Human Resources Office (hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM).